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Microsoft Announces new Xbox Elite Controller at E3


During this past E3 conference, Microsoft revealed their latest controller design that would appeal to all Xbox One competitive and recreational players worldwide. Similar to the popular Scuf Gaming controller, or any other gaming controller with modifications for more dexterity and usage, this brand new model features additions both internally and externally that gives more power to the players than ever before. The Elite controller will feature a plethora of customization choices, and players will be able to format it to exactly how they like it.
So, what exactly are you able to customize? For starters, users are allowed to swap out multiple components to fit their exact style. For the thumbsticks, players are given the possibility to swap out their regular, concave sticks for domed sticks similar to that of a PS3 controller, or heightened sticks that present different capabilities entirely. Next we have the option to replace the standard D-Pad for a new and improved faceted D-pad to even further the experience of actions that are executed in game. Lastly, the controller offers the possibility to have up to four paddles on the back of the controller to provide even more button combinations for the smooth performance of multiple actions. The paddles are also remappable, allowing users to customize exactly what they want to be able to have access to.

In addition to everything you can swap out, users also have the option to adjust many different aspects of their controller. Players can adjust the distance it takes for their triggers to react by shifting a switch on the back of the controller. These hair trigger switches allow for every game to be played as users see fit without the limitation of trigger range and pull. Players are also allowed to remap many different buttons on their controller without having to change in game settings, as well as have sensitivities built right in to the memory of the controller. And within that memory, the controller stores your exact remap data in two different presets that are both organized via an Xbox One remap application. As users see fit, they could have one controller configuration at one second, and with the flip of a switch, have a completely different one at another.

But what else makes this controller different? Well, how does reinvented stainless-steel parts sound? With the exception of added weight to the controller, the longevity and time the controller lasts is drastically increased. All of the thumbstick stems, D-Pads, and paddles are made with stainless-steel, making the controller built to last. Thumbsticks no longer grind and deteriorate with the addition of reinforced rings on the edges of the thumbstick placeholders. Players now also have rubber padding on the back of the controller's handles to provide even more grip for improved use.

The combinations are expansive, and everything is centered around the best possible experience for each and every individual user. Microsoft has officially announced that the controller will be coming in October 2015 with a starting price of $149.99, which is already available as a pre-order over on the Xbox website. The controller also comes with a sturdy case and an additional USB cable for wired play, as the controller functions wireless automatically. Beyond that, the controller will also be compatible with future Windows 10 integrations, 3.5mm stereo enabled headsets/headphones, as well as original Xbox One accessories. So, what do you think? Will this be something you will buy? If not, what made you decide that? Comment your opinions below!

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