Capcom just dropped a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World at the opening ceremony at PlayStation Experience 2017, showing off the breadth of the world, the characters you’ll interact with and action-packed battles with beasts like Nergigante. It also included an unexpected cameo: Mega Man.

Apparently the helpful palico buddies of Monster Hunter: World will be able to dress up like Mega Man, in chunky, 8-bit, cel-shaded style. Mega Man palicoes will be able to chug energy tanks and eat sausages, and players will be able to take part in monster hunts while also listening to classic Mega Man chiptunes.

Check out the trailer above for this slightly weird crossover. If it whets your appetite, Monster Hunter: World is having a beta test on PlayStation 4 this weekend, which is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Source: Polygon