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May 2016 Games With Gold Lineup Revealed

Another outstanding month has passed, and now it's time to reveal Microsoft's batch of free games for the month of May. Microsoft has just...
  1. Aydind
    Another outstanding month has passed, and now it's time to reveal Microsoft's batch of free games for the month of May. Microsoft has just revealed four games that will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold members. Along with the four games is a game from last month that will remain free until the middle of May. These games will be available to play across both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Last month, Microsoft revealed four games to the community, The Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space, and Saints Row IV. This month Microsoft has a completely different set of games that are for gamers to play. The two free games that will be available on Xbox 360 will also be available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

    The first game that players will be able to download and play is Defense Grid 2, a tower defensive video game which will be available from May 1-29. The objective of the game is to take on the role of commander and defend bases, colonies, space stations, and outposts from aliens that are trying to grab and takeover each location. Defense Grid 2's original price is $15, but will be free-to-play in the month of May. The second game title is Costume Quest 2, a role-playing video game which will be available to download from May 16-June 15. The objective of the game is to explore their neighborhood on Halloween and fight monsters. The players get to play as either 2 siblings: Wren or Reynold. Costume Quest 2's original price is $15, but will be free-to-play from mid-May to mid-June. The next game title is Sunset Overdrive, which was available last month and will only be available from a short amount of time in May. Sunset Overdrive will be until May 15 and is currently free now, so go check it out!

    Continuing with the rest of the lineup, Microsoft presents another free game which will be Grid 2. Grid 2 is a racing video game which will be available from May 1-15. The game includes numerous real world locations and in these locations you can race bots or online competitors to see who has the fastest car. Grid 2's original price is $15, but will be free for half the month of May. The last game Microsoft is giving out in this lineup is Peggle. Peggle is a casual puzzle video game which will be available from May 16-31. Each level of the game challenges players to shoot a limited supply of balls at a field of colorful pegs. The objective is to achieve the highest score using a variety of different strategies and skills. Stay tuned for the reveal of Junes Gold Lineup later in the month.

    What do you think about the lineup? Will you be playing any of these games? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. Scarlett Johansson
    This is a facking joke, thank god I don't pay for XBL I just steal it lol.
    I like this; I get to know of available games and what it is all about in advance. Cool! Somehow I missed Sunset Overdrive entirely. Thanks for that.
  3. Elliot Bro
    Grid 2 is a pretty descent game, not going to lie. I always download all the free games every month even if they're bad, just to stack them up if I ever want to play them in the future.
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  4. Crooks
    Tbh Peggle was pretty lit.

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    2. Inkd
      I was having an off day.
    3. Crooks
      yeah ok
      Inkd likes this.
      I like the off day excuse. Lol!
    The sad thing is that I own both Peggle and GRID 2. Well, looks like May isn't going to be the month for me.
      KRISCUBE likes this.
      No need to cry; it happens.
      Cry? What are you on about XD
  6. Ysgramor
    Utter trash
  7. WWE
    This month is bad and it's the month of my birthday. Shaking my head Microsoft, shaking my head.
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  8. Chazay
    Hills and valleys my friends, hills and valleys.

    Also, PEGGLE 2 THE GOAT.
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  9. 3xTiNcT
  10. Shalour
    Out of these games the only one I would actually play is Grid 2.
      iEpiks likes this.