BioWare is gearing up to reveal new Mass Effect: Andromeda information as part of N7 Day. For those not familiar today, November 7, is when the studio celebrates its blockbuster sci-fi franchise. Publisher EA has already started teasing announcements on Twitter, where it promised we'll learn more about "new characters" and "new worlds."

The Mass Effect Twitter account, meanwhile, has confirmed there will be a new trailer today.

On November 1 a new Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser was released. It invited viewers to join the "Andromeda Initiative," which is a group that will travel outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.

"The time has come to prepare ourselves for a future beyond the Milky Way; a future that begins 600 years from where we stand, in a time and a place among unknown stars and unseen dangers," the narrator says.​

Although BioWare hasn't provided the exact timing of when announcements are going to be made, those that sign up on the Andromeda Initiative website "will be among the first contacted to receive critical mission information, special training opportunities ... orientation begins [November] 7."

The teaser, it was later revealed, was narrated by main character Ryder's father. Fans have discussed the mention of "600 years from where we stand" during it, and speculated that Andromeda could be set 600 years after Mass Effect 3.

Andromeda is due out before the end of March 2017. The game is shaping up well right now, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, but the publisher could delay the game if it feels that's the right thing to do.

After planning to launch the game in 2016, EA delayed Andromeda, only saying it would now be released during its fourth fiscal quarter, which spans January through March. Earlier this year, a delay until "early 2017" was confirmed by BioWare, which is probably due to them wanting to perfect the final product.

Source: GameSpot