A new patch has landed for BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda, but don't expect it to do much.

GameSpot downloaded update 1.07 on PS4 today and found the following patch notes: "Various bug fixes and stability improvements."
Producer Michael Gamble said on Twitter, "It's just a hotfix." Specifically, the update fixes a crash with the SOS quest and a problem with >1080p UI placement. The patch also makes an "athletic outfit available mid-playthrough."

The patch should be live across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you're encountering issues on PC, Gamble said he recommends going offline in Origin, launching the game, then going back online. Another option is to restart Origin, he said.

Andromeda launched in March and had a mixed reaction, which prompted EA management to respond to concerns about the game. Additionally, a report suggested that the Mass Effect series has been put on hiatus and that staffing changes were underway at BioWare Montreal, with some developers moving over to EA Motive and others now working on BioWare's new IP.

EA has since confirmed the staffing changes and clarified that there hasn't been any downsizing. It has not addressed the status of Mass Effect.

Source: GameSpot