The latest patch of the PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda has apparently removed its Denuvo anti-tamper protection.

Dark Side of Gaming, which keeps a close eye on DRM, noticed the change today. Mass Effect: Andromeda still is protected by Electronic Arts’ Origin client. The PC version of the game is only for sale through Origin.

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s 1.9 title update joins a list of other high-profile games to remove Denuvo’s protection. What’s interesting is that after crackers broke the Denuvo anti-tamper protection at launch back in March, Mass Effect: Andromeda added in the latest version of Denuvo with 1.5, which then shut off pirated versions of the game to future updates. Mass Effect: Andromeda’s subsequent updates made all kinds of changes to the game, including character face modeling and romantic role-play options.

Denuvo never promises that it is crack-proof; its goal is to make that process so long and painful that pirates give up. Square Enix seems to like it. Rime’s developers, however, issued a challenge to pirates to break the anti-tamper tech, and when they did in a matter of days, removed it from the game.

Source: Polygon