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Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Weekend


With the advent of the release of the Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack downloadable content only days ago, and many still attempting to reap the bonuses granted by the downloadable content, BioWare is holding Operation Resurgence. With the prior Operation Beachhead being a "success," many allied forces have repelled Reaper offenses and are en route to aid with efforts against the Reaper threat. With the skill sets offered by the deadly Batarians, the fine tuning lethality of the Geth, the tremendous might of the Krogan, and the graceful but destructive Asari, Operation Resurgence is set on giving players a chance to inject their newfound characters with extra experience.

Operation Resurgence will begin on April 13th at 5:00 PM PST and will end on April 16th 5:00 AM PST. Additionally Operation Resurgence will grant a generous "Reserves Pack," to those who have the Resurgence Pack enabled which will automatically give players a random character card for one of the new Resurgence downloadable content characters. After acquiring such versatile and amazing characters, players will have the opportunity to quickly level them up, for there will be a 10% experience bonus given to players who aid the on going battles on Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra. Let it be noted that this event will once again be absent from the Playstation Network due to Sony's unwillingness to allow these types of events to be hosted on their network. The Xbox 360 and PC versions will obviously run this operation smoothly. To those who will be partaking in Operation Resurgence, ensure you have "Upload Gameplay Feedback," turned on! You will not earn any special packages from this event should it be turned off.

Happy Reaper fragging!
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