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Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending DLC Inbound


Through the aftermath of countless disgruntled consumers, disappointed and unsatisfied fans, and an alleged blow to itself, Bioware is soon to witness the flip of a coin with their upcoming Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending downloadable content. Debuting this upcoming Tuesday, June 26th, Bioware may ultimately appease those critical of the sum of their actions that quite practically culminated in an ending that did not serve proper justice. On the flipside, Bioware may simply dig themselves deeper into a grave already existent with incessant and negative erosion from raging fans.

The new Mass Effect 3 DLC will not clean the slate of the original ending cutscenes, per se being an apparent "complete ending changer," in the eyes of many, but rather will expand upon existing cutscenes. Cutscenes within the story will be modified, cutscenes will be added throughout the story, and obviously so shall the controversial ending cutscenes. The true focus of this DLC is to give the player a sense of how actions committed throughout Shepard's career affected the sometimes precarious balance of everything around him and what the future will hold based on those actions.

As with almost all of their Mass Effect 3 DLC, this DLC will lack a price tag and will be free for all. Note, however, the DLC is quite hefty in its size and will require 1.9 GB of free space on your hard drives or other storage devices. Additionally, to banish rumors, Bioware has also revealed that it is NOT necessary to start a new save file on Mass Effect 3 for the Mass Effect 3 DLC to actually take effect. As long as your save file takes you to a point before you attack the Illusive Man's Cerberus Space Base you will be able to enjoy the added endings. However you will have to start an entirely new save file to experience the added cutscenes found elsewhere in the storyline.

Will you reap the benefits of this free DLC and perhaps replay the entire Mass Effect 3 campaign, or will you exclude this DLC from your download queue entirely?
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