Major The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Update Replaces This Weeks Free DLC

The developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Project Red, just announced the contents of their upcoming Patch 1.07 in an official post on the...
By Sparfire · Jul 6, 2015 · Updated Jul 6, 2015
  1. Sparfire
    The developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Project Red, just announced the contents of their upcoming Patch 1.07 in an official post on the game's forums. Big changes are about to hit the Northern Kingdoms on all platforms very soon, although they did not reveal the date yet.

    When it hits, the update will make changes to your inventory and make it easier to organize your gear. More places to store loot will be found throughout the world and your inventory will be easier to sort and manage. A new tab is made for books alone, and you will be able to see whether or not you have actually read them. A nice treat is that alchemy and crafting components no longer will have any weight, so you can carry around as much flowers and goo as you would like.

    Other noteworthy additions are the improvements made to horse behavior and also the "new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt." None of them are described further, but they both sound like good news.

    The game has already received a few patches on both consoles and PC, alongside the releases of free DLC's. This update however, has required "all hands on deck", meaning that there will be no free content released this week.

    "We hope you understand our decision. We’ve gathered so much feedback from you over the past couple of weeks and we want to implement as much of it as possible."

    The list in its entirety can be found here, if you want the complete change list for the patch 1.07, you will have to wait for its release sometime later this week.

    Sources: CD Project Red, Eurogamer

    Are you happy with the job the developers have done this far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Dazee
    I'm already regretting selling my PS4 when I still had around 6 main quests to complete :/ It quickly became my third favourite game and only for The Last Of Us having the best story of all time, it'd be #2.
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  2. Master
    This is very good news for me. I really enjoy this game. I love how they are cleaning up the inventory. I hope this update will make my gameplay more immersive. I don't mind a longer wait for the free DLCs.
  3. televisedfool
    They did not require "all hands on deck" this update is just an excuse to delay the free DLC so it comes in line to have all 16 out just before the big DLC comes.
  4. Ressurection
    So pretty much "We delayed the DLC everyone waited for and replaced it with easier inventory"
    1. Dazee
      And what's wrong with that? A cluttered inventory was one of the main problems with The Witcher 3 and most users who actually collect items will be happy as hell to see this come out over a new piece of DLC.
  5. Arxhive
    I don't mind having some decent changes instead of some new stuff. Makes the game better IMHO.
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  6. Vino
    The alchemy items not having any weight will be sweet! They add up pretty fast when you collect everything in sight like me lol
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    1. Master
      Haha, same. This will really make me more prepared for the harder quests. Every ingredient counts when you are on "Death March". (Hardest Difficulty)
  7. Skype
    This is Dumb.
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    2. Biohazard
      They will release more dlc they are taking a break to improve the game imo its better to perfect a game thin to add a few more skins and crappy missions.
    3. Master
      Exactly my point.
    4. Weeb
      I've not played any of the free dlc quests yet are they any good?