Mafia III Screenshots Reveal New Orleans Setting

Seth Rosen, the system's designer behind Mafia III, has recently shown off some pre-alpha screenshots for this upcoming game. Through the use of...
  1. Deadpool
    Seth Rosen, the system's designer behind Mafia III, has recently shown off some pre-alpha screenshots for this upcoming game. Through the use of his GDC presentation, he has made efforts to attempt and demonstrate how the studio goes about adding life to NPCs, as well as the worlds they inhabit. The shots included feature a sneak-peek at Mafia III's New Orleans setting, as well as depictions of various environments such as a dark street with neon lights illuminating the area, or a local bar inhabited by a live band and people enjoying the booze and music.

    Hangar 13, Mafia III's developer, aims to make this New Orleans setting "moody." Through the use of the aforementioned environmental dynamics, it appears these strides towards it will prove worthwhile after all. Mafia III will be tackling the issue of racism, which was ever so prevalent in the time and location this game is set in. The game's protagonist this time 'round will be a man by the name of Lincoln Clay, an orphan of mixed descent who has also fought in Vietnam.

    Mafia III will be releasing sometime this year, according to publisher, 2K. No exact release date has been issued or rumored at, as of yet. It will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This game is planning on being quite different from its predecessors, in the sense that you will not be playing as a part of the Mafia, au contraire. You will be playing for the other team, aiming to take the Mafia down, through the use of your own organization. Sounds like quite the treat, indeed.

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  1. Red58
    I'm guessing this game will look much better graphically once the dev's add a little more polish to it. Looks too bland atm.
  2. Santan Dave
    Even from them screenshots I can tell its gunna be a great game.
  3. Cozz
    Happy to see a game Based where i live. Not sure if there is any others that would be based in Louisiana
  4. TheItalianLad
    Being an Italian myself, I would of preferred if this game was set in New York City and instead of hunting down the mob, you would be in the mob and play as a wise guy. (Like you did in Mafia 2)

    Despite having to kill the Italians instead of playing as them this game looks amazing. The story behind it is engaging, the setting is surprisingly really cool and the graphics are a real step up from the last game.

    Really excited for this and hopefully more information is given on the release date because this is one of my favourite franchises out there and I am dying to play this.
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  5. 3xTiNcT
    Screenshots look pretty cool.
  6. televisedfool
    The Mafia series is really good. :thumbsup:

    I wish they would do another godfather game though, those were fun too. :frown:

    Oh well, Mafia 3 will be good I'm sure. :biggrin:
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    1. Vino
      True, I've wanted another proper Godfather game where you can create you own guy. I think we are about due another one, but I'm not sure if they'll ever make any more.
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    2. TheItalianLad
      100% agree with you.
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  7. Vino
    Screenshots like nice, apart from that graveyard sequence. I wasn't impressed with that when they were showing the early game-play footage. I also haven't seen any screenshots/footage during the day. Does the whole game take place at night? lol
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    1. Deadpool
      They're low quality and pre-alpha. I'm looking forward to seeing more from it, including day time gameplay.

      Definitely looking forward to this game.
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  8. Deadpool