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Mafia III Screenshots Reveal New Orleans Setting


Seth Rosen, the system's designer behind Mafia III, has recently shown off some pre-alpha screenshots for this upcoming game. Through the use of his GDC presentation, he has made efforts to attempt and demonstrate how the studio goes about adding life to NPCs, as well as the worlds they inhabit. The shots included feature a sneak-peek at Mafia III's New Orleans setting, as well as depictions of various environments such as a dark street with neon lights illuminating the area, or a local bar inhabited by a live band and people enjoying the booze and music.

Hangar 13, Mafia III's developer, aims to make this New Orleans setting "moody." Through the use of the aforementioned environmental dynamics, it appears these strides towards it will prove worthwhile after all. Mafia III will be tackling the issue of racism, which was ever so prevalent in the time and location this game is set in. The game's protagonist this time 'round will be a man by the name of Lincoln Clay, an orphan of mixed descent who has also fought in Vietnam.

Mafia III will be releasing sometime this year, according to publisher, 2K. No exact release date has been issued or rumored at, as of yet. It will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This game is planning on being quite different from its predecessors, in the sense that you will not be playing as a part of the Mafia, au contraire. You will be playing for the other team, aiming to take the Mafia down, through the use of your own organization. Sounds like quite the treat, indeed.

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