Mafia III Fully Unveiled

The Mafia series has been rather dormant for the past couple of years. Mafia II was released back in 2010, but it never really got the attention...
  1. Monopolyman

    The Mafia series has been rather dormant for the past couple of years. Mafia II was released back in 2010, but it never really got the attention it deserved. This week at Gamescom, 2K decided to show what they’ve been working on with Mafia III, and so far it’s impressive.

    The title of the series suggests that it focuses on the Italian mob. While this is once again true, Mafia III focuses on the mafia from a different perspective. The game takes place during the year 1968 in the unstable city of New Orleans. The protagonist, Lincoln Clay, had a rough life growing up and was an orphan as a child. He fills the void of not having a true family by turning to the black mob.

    Unfortunately, this pseudo-family comes to an end when the black mob is betrayed by the Italian mob. The people who served as father and brother figures to Lincoln were slaughtered. Now that he has lost the only people close to him, Lincoln is left with the desire of revenge against the mafia. As the action unfolds, Lincoln uses his thirst for revenge as a way to build an empire and rebuild a family. The story of the game is driven by strong narratives and cinematics that are dependent on player choices.

    Mafia III is set to release sometime in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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  1. Master
    I want to try out the demo.
  2. Reckz
    This looks amazing, I played Mafia II briefly and enjoyed it. I can't wait for this to drop!
  3. 11frog11
    I hope that it lets you play after the last mission, just as a freeroam. That was one of my only complaints about Mafia II, when you finish the last mission then you can't play the game without going to mission select and choosing a past mission.
  4. RealSevniq
  5. xXswtXx
    But does it continue the end of Mafia 2?!?!?!
    I remember Vito and Joe just get separated in different cars after that shoot out and they're both like "oh crap" and the game ends.
    Edit: soz mod, forgot spoiler
    What tf happens after that?!?!?!?!
    1. God
      I have a feeling that they might be the antagonists.
  6. God
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    1. Skype
      I love you <3
  7. Thabomber
    OH MY GOD. I Can't Wait. I got chills just watching that :biggrin:
  8. TheItalianLad
    It's disappointing that it isn't in New York City and the fact that they aren't focusing as much on the italians but instead focusing on killing the Mafia. I was looking forward to playing a badass italian character like in Mafia II. But oh well, I'm getting the game either way, it looks amazing.
  9. Remedy
    Those graphics tho <3
  10. Pyroman
    Never really played Mafia games, but this one looks promising.