It's a big day for Mafia III, as the game's next free DLC is out today alongside a free demo version of the game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The free demo is 24 GB on PC, 27 GB on PS4, and 25 GB on Xbox One, developer Hangar 13 announced in a blog post. The demo lets you play the first act of Mafia III, which features a bank heist gone wrong. This sets up the story for what's to come.

If you like what you play and what to pick up the full game, the good news is that all of your progress stays with you. Additionally, the game is half off now through April 17.

As for the new expansion, Faster, Baby adds more cars and makes you an even more deadly driver through things like proximity mines that you can lay as traps. The update also lets you throw grenades while driving, which can help you get out of hot situations. Here's the launch trailer:

Faster, Baby is included with Mafia III's $30 DLC Pass and the $80 Deluxe Edition. Alternatively, you can purchase it by itself for $15.

Following Faster, Baby will be two more expansions, including Stone Unturned and Sign of the Tines. These are both included with the DLC Pass as well.

Source: GameSpot