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Mafia 3 Coming To Gamescom

After years of speculation and optimism from the fans, 2K Games has finally made an official announcement on the next installment in this mobster series. Suffering some production bumps back in 2012, the whole idea was officially abandoned only to later be picked up and worked on, bringing us to the current status of a definite release. No information has been disclosed on what time period the game will take place, or any other clues as to what features will be included. Only assumptions can be made from the image that's been published, until 2K and newly formed Hangar 13 (the developers for Mafia 3), unveil the first official trailer next week at Gamescom in Germany.

I'm personally excited to see what 2K Games and Hangar 13 have in store for us, making a new game in a series known for its vast open world and expansive storyline, allowing players to do a multitude of side missions and going on treasure hunts in search of collectibles. Much like what we see in the story mode of games such as Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, while offering a pleasant twist on the classic open world crime genre.

Are you hyped for this new release? Let us know in the comments below!

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