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Madden NFL 17 Announced


In a not-so-surprising reveal, the next Madden game has just been named. Madden NFL 17 was announced by EA earlier today, stating the game will be out on August 23. The release date may seem familiar, as EA has always released their Madden games on the fourth Tuesday in August. Madden NFL 17 will be released for both current generation and older generation consoles, which is rather surprising since most companies are focused on the current generation. No word has been given on a possible PC release. Those that have subscribed to EA's newest program EA Access will receive early access to the game, in the form of a ten hour trial.

EA also announced that a game-play snippet for their newest game, as well as the cover will be shown during SportsCenter this Thursday at 6 P.M. EST. Normally, EA would hold a voting contest for the fans to vote on who should go on the cover of their next game, however this year EA has decided not to go with that option. Instead, they will be choosing the cover athlete for this years edition of Madden. This will be the first time in six years, since the release of Madden NFL 10 that the publisher has chosen the cover.

The Madden NFL series as a whole has been widely successful, with over 100 million copies of the series being sold as of 2013. It has also managed to generate over 4 billion dollars in sales, making it one of the biggest cash crops for EA as a company. Not to mention that it sits four out of the top ten best selling games in the U.S. alone. The release dates of their games also help as well, since they have always released a week or two before the football season actually starts. With football being one of the biggest sports in the nation, it's no surprise that the Madden series is as popular as it is. With just a release date and title out, many fans have already jumped at the chance to pre-order. With a game-play trailer looming, it's going to be interesting to see how well EA can continue dragging in older, as well as newer players to their ever-growing fanbase.
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