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Luom G10 Mouse - Low Budget and Astounding Value

GearBest was gracious enough to send me a Luom G10 gaming mouse and throughout the time I've spent using it, it's become apparent how competent,...
  1. Lulu
    Precision is never something I thought about when considering the peripherals I use for my computer when gaming. It wasn't something I thought about five years ago when I got my first gaming PC and until just recently, I never cared much for the DPI of a mouse or its performance when gaming. My tune changed rather quickly after GearBest sent me a Luom G10 gaming mouse. Luom's G10 isn't an expensive mouse, which surprised me when I saw just how much this mouse can be configured and tailored to the individual. It's just short of being fully modular in terms of customization; it performs exceedingly well for every purpose I've used it for, and I feel that it's an absolute steal for its price.

    Going back to precision and how it relates to the G10, the mouse has four default settings for sensitivity that can be cycled through by clicking the middle mouse button protruding from the opening. The different presets can be changed according to user preference in the G10 software that comes on the driver software disc. The mouse allows for all ten mouse buttons to be bound to whatever is needed, including keyboard keys, macros, and functions exclusive to the mouse like DPI loop and LED toggle.

    Being able to customize the mouse LED is a neat feature for those looking to match with the rest of their setup, but the G10 just looks good as it is. I'll admit that when I first saw the design of the mouse, I thought its appearance was silly and I couldn't see myself using it. The G10's design grew on me pretty quickly, but more than anything, the actual feel of using the mouse for everything from browsing to competitive gaming is what made me really appreciate the G10. It fits naturally in the palm of my hand and on my mouse pad.


    In terms of performance, this mouse is leagues above any other mouse I've used. I may be used to the stock mouse you'd get from a new PC, but if anything, the G10 has shown me how much of a difference a mouse can make whether it's used just for browsing or for intense competitive multiplayer games. It's even precise enough to work down to the pixel in photo editing software, which I would sometimes struggle with while using a stock mouse. Everything about the G10 just feels intuitive and natural and it took me just a couple of hours to acclimate myself and my movements to a brand new mouse.

    The weight of the G10 is much heavier than a stock mouse, but it's definitely not too heavy and it gives off the vibe that it's just built well overall. The cord is a decent size that should fit most people's needs, and the cord is nicely wrapped in a nylon braid that has yet to tangle on me. The surface of the G10 and the buttons are smooth and the materials used clearly show that Luom took human wear-and-tear into account, as the mouse still looks like it's fresh out of the box and seems as though it will continue to look and feel this way for a long time to come.

    There were very few downsides I saw while using the G10. The first one came when I first started using it and the scroll wheel would sometimes get stuck and resist force. It wasn't a real impediment to using it so much as it was just an annoyance, but the problem resolved itself shortly after and I haven't had difficulty with it since.

    Luom's G10 gaming mouse is a competent and intuitive piece of gear that casual PC users and competitive PC gamers alike would benefit by having it. Straight out of the box, the mouse looks and feels great to use, but the level of customization and configuration offered in its software is what blew me away. It can be changed to fit a huge variety of needs for any PC user, from general Internet browsing to intensive photo or video editing and, of course, fast-paced competitive gaming. At its very modest price, there's really no reason I can provide as to why one shouldn't at least look into the Luom G10 or try it out for themselves.

    Overall, it's a great mouse that aimed to appeal to PC gamers on a budget and it achieved just that and so much more. Thanks again to GearBest for sending the G10 my way!

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  1. SirEdwardCool
    It looks so ridiculous and stupid.

    What happened to stylish and elegant mice like the old logitech models?

  2. Agentfire
    Looks kinda weird and funny. Might have to question how comfortable it is. Looks like a mouse for people who want to start gaming.
    1. Lulu
      I haven't even thought about whether it's comfortable or not. The design may look it, but it's actually not obtrusive or uncomfortable to hold, at least for me. It fits naturally in my palm and the buttons are even accessible for my fingers.
      Agentfire likes this.
  3. Wavy
    How are those mid-buttons supposed to be pressed comfortably? If you have your hand on the mouse the standard way, you'd have to reposition your hand to press those buttons because they would be under the base of your fingers.
    1. Lulu
      You mean the small buttons underneath the LMB and RMB? They're not too difficult to press. Admittedly, they're a bit inconvenient to use if you're not used to them, but I haven't found any issues with getting used to them.
    2. Wavy
      Yeah. They just look inconveniently placed. But I guess like you said, only of you are not used to them.
  4. xJet Gaming
    I might just buy one of these. No joke. 10/10
  5. GH0ST_OP
  6. Art
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Art
      but the luom has ugly software ;-; they basically ripped it from razer
    3. Extern
      They look almost nothing a like, and the similarities they do share can be found in almost any mouse configuration software (Corsair, for example: http://i.imgur.com/Vs9e0EB.png ).
    4. Art
      That software looks nothing like razers or luoms. You can clearly see how luom is very similar to razers software.
      Apollo likes this.
  7. God
    I was wondering, what's this made out of and what's the average lifetime per button?
      Feyfolken likes this.
    1. Lulu
      A titanium alloy and 10 million uses for each button.
      hoopsure, God and Deadpool like this.
  8. Salus
    > mentions low budget in title
    > never tells us the price
    1. Lulu
      Different retailers offer it for different prices. GearBest has a flash sale currently where the G10 is sold for $17., which I linked in the article because they sent me the mouse to begin with. I'm not going to mention a price when you will undoubtedly find other prices that could be higher or lower than what I tell you. Do your own shopping or searching, or just click the link in the article.
      Salus likes this.
    2. Salus
      Thx m8 10/10
    I was on the look out for a new mouse, so since this one seems good and affordable I may have to pick it up.
  10. hoopsure
    I want it now. :biggrin:
    1. hoopsure
      I looked at the price and I died... 17$?!?!
    2. Lulu
      Yup! Flash sale going on from GearBest. Get it while it's hot. :wink:
    3. hoopsure
      How big is the sale?