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Luminosity Gaming Comes Out Victorious at MLG Columbus

The MLG Columbus CS:GO major has finally been wrapped up! After a ton of games and long fought battles, Luminosity have come out on top as the...
  1. Crooks

    After a hard fought battle all the way through group stages, and all the way through semi-finals, quarter finals and the finals against Na'Vi, Luminosity Gaming have come out on top and won the MLG Columbus major. MLG Columbus was a huge success, with the viewer count peaking at around 1.3 - 1.5 million viewers during the final, and the average viewers lingering around 600k - 900k during the groups and semi/quarter finals.

    Luminosity didn't have it easy getting to the finals though, as they had to battle through Virtus.pro in the quarter finals and Team Liquid in the semi finals to finally play Na'Vi. Looking at the games here, their bout against Virtus.pro actually took all 3 games, with Luminosity actually dropping game 1 but then rebounding back for the last 2. Their series with Team Liquid resulted in a clean sweep.

    The finals were a close fought game during map 1. After both Cache and Dust II had been banned, map one was determined to be Mirage with Luminosity as the Terrorists. Surprisingly enough, Luminosity only managed to pick up 4 rounds as Terrorists, with 11 going towards Na'Vi. Something clearly clicked on the CT side as this time around, it was Na'Vi who were limited to 4 rounds and Luminosity who took 11 to force an OT where they would eventually clinch the game.

    Map 2 was Overpass, chosen by Na'Vi but to everyone's surprise, Luminosity ended up wiping the floor with Na'Vi, as Na'Vi only managed to pick up 2 rounds in the whole game before eventually succumbing to their defeat. It seems as Na'Vi were simply caught off guard with the risky playstyle that Luminosity were adapting to.

    The Brazilian lads on Luminosity definitely put up a strong fight, but as did Na'Vi. If you're interested in the scorelines for both matches, then please direct your attention to the pictures below.


    What do you think? Was this an exciting major? Do you want to see more majors in North America? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. TheItalianLad
    The prize pool is big doesn't really seem it any more because games like Dota, lol, cs and now halo have a way bigger prize for their comps.
  2. K3LL0GSkid
    Nice, don't really follow MLG stuff but my brother went with some friends. Might have to tag along next time it rolls around.
  3. 3xTiNcT
    I could beat them. lol.
    1. Crooks
      No lol.
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Yeah they suck
    3. iRanbirHD
  4. Stonerzard
    FFS, I was avoiding the CSGO subreddit purposefully because I don't have the time to watch the major live. Every time it gets ruined for me. I only got to watch like 3 matches. At least Dota 2 hardly ever gets spoiled for me.
  5. televisedfool
    What's the prize pool like for these nowadays? :what:
    1. Crooks
      I think it was a million for this tournament, could resulting l easily be wrong though.
    2. denz
      It was indeed, no where near Dota 2 though.

      MLG Columbus 2016 final standings:

      1. Luminosity - $500,000
      2. Natus Vincere - $150,000
      3-4. Liquid - $70,000
      3-4. Astralis - $70,000
      5-8. Virtus.pro - $35,000
      5-8. CLG - $35,000
      5-8. fnatic - $35,000
      5-8. NiP - $35,000
      9-12. G2 - $8,750
      9-12. Gambit - $8,750
      9-12. FaZe - $8,750
      9-12. mousesports - $8,750
      13-16. Cloud9 - $8,750
      13-16. EnVyUs - $8,750
      13-16. Splyce - $8,750
      13-16. FlipSid3 - $8,750
  6. denz
    Nice article. Well played to LG, all their players brought their A game. Due to Guardian's injury, Fallen could just not be awped back.

    I wouldn't mind 1 NA major per year. Great hosting from MLG and hope they can bring sound proof booths next time though.
      Crooks likes this.
  7. Keeley Hazell
    It was an intense game. That first map I thought Na'Vi had it but once LG won Overtime I knew it was over lol.
  8. Chazay
    Stickers are super cheap right now everyone!
    1. denz
      Offer is gone now.
  9. Knowledge
    RIP EU dream too. Lost the damn All Stars match.
    1. Stonerzard
      South America is where it's at right now, they're just on another level in Brazil.