The Luigi's Mansion series is the one chance for the Mushroom Kingdom to get a little spooky, so it only makes sense that Luigi's Mansion 3 is releasing on that spookiest of all holidays: all Hallows' Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, or October 31. Nintendo announced the release date in a tweet.

As usual, this latest entry in the Luigi's Mansion series will feature the taller, greener, more cowardly of the Mario Brothers exploring a haunted building and busting ghosts and nearly peeing his pants all the while. This time it's in the haunted Last Resort Hotel.

Our look at the game from E3 2019 showed Luigi has some new tricks with his trusty Poltergust vacuum, and this game will feature a new local coop multiplayer mode. Producer Kensuke Tanabe also shared some thoughts on Luigi's cowardice, though frankly he's explored two entire haunted mansions which are probably more than you have, so give him a break.

The release date announcement came alongside word of a revised Nintendo Switch with better battery life, replacing the older models but remaining otherwise the same. This is a less conspicuous change than the also recently announced Switch Lite, which totally changes the form factor of the system and removes the docking functionality entirely. Both the revised Switch and the Switch Lite will be out in time for Luigi's Mansion 3.

Source: GameSpot