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Lost Planet 3 Announcement Trailer


May Lost Planet fans rejoice, for today a teaser trailer was released for the upcoming Lost Planet 3 developed by Spark Unlimited. Due for release in the 2013 gaming year for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, Lost Planet 3 will take place on E.D.N III before the events of Lost Planet 1.

With tidbits of information concerning the precise mechanics and details of the upcoming Lost Planet prequel, we can only speculate on the features that may be in the game. However this is what we do know.

Lost Planet 3 will take place on E.D.N III during its ice age period when the first colonists arrived due to orders given by the Neo-Venus Construction Company.

Lost Planet 3's E.D.N III is home to many Akrid, the main antagonists of the franchise, who are native to E.D.N III.

The heavily armed behemoth mechs once controllable in the previous Lost Planet's will be absent this time around. Customizeable bipedal rigs will be present. By default these rigs sport mining equipment such as claws and lethal drills.

The game play will have a deep focus on the story of the events that occurred prior to Lost Planet 1. The mysteries and sinister secrets of the not yet antagonist Neo-Venus Construction Company will be explored and investigated.

Lost Planet 3, so far, seems like a promising re-entry for some that may have left the series whilst being a welcoming and perhaps exciting surprise for some that deeply enjoy the Lost Planet franchise. This is the first Lost Planet game to be developed externally rather than internally by Capcom which is a trend Capcom seems to fancy with alot of its games recently. Regardless, with the information exhibited so far, Lost Planet 3 may be a game in its Third Person Shooter genre that is at the least worthy of being picked up during the 2013 gaming year.
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