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Rumor Livestream Discusses New Xbox Hardware, PC Integration, and New Possible Xbox Consoles

Microsoft podcaster Brad Sams reveals many new coming attractions to the Windows platform, such as two new streaming devices, more PC integration,...
  1. Casp
    A few hours ago, Microsoft podcaster Brad Sams dropped an early podcast that announced a lot of possible details about new Microsoft technological updates and new devices. Sams, who established credibly by scooping the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, held a YouTube livestream discussing two new streaming devices, an "Xbox Mini," as well as the possibility of two new Xbox hardwares coming in the next few years. In addition to this, he also discussed the firm integration of all windows platforms into one single platform, toying with the idea that the Xbox could go from hardware to software.

    During this livestream, Sams talked about two new streaming devices that Microsoft plans to unveil. The first streaming device is going to be like a Chromecast and will probably have the functionality of streaming. It's targeted towards more casual streamers who don't have any interest in any flashy additions. The other device, however, Sams compared to the capability of the Apple TV. He claimed that this device could broaden the abilities of a standard streaming device and would be capable of running Windows Store games. While Sams admitted that the device probably won't have the ability to run high-end, triple A titles, he discussed that it could have the potential to run app-sized games. Sams estimated the price of the former device at $100 and the latter device in the $150-$175 range, but this is up to a little more speculation.

    Sams revealed a few very important details about Microsoft's E3 showcase this June. While they have been expected to showcase some new hardware this year, they are going above and beyond those expectations. According to Sams, the Xbox Mini "is a real thing," and according to The Verge's Tom Warren, it will be "40% smaller." The Xbox One is absolutely huge, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. This new hardware is supposedly capable of streaming 4K video, though 4K gaming on a console device is still a bit of fiction. This device is also alleged to have a 2TB hard drive as well as a slightly more advanced processing. Microsoft is rumored to showcase this device at E3 next month. Another device, which is rumored for a 2017 release, is supposedly going to have full VR functionality with the Oculus Rift device, as well as a very powerful GPU. There are also some architectural revamps in the works, alongside some other adjustments to the current console model. Microsoft has made no comment on any of these claims, and none of them are officially confirmed.

    Sams also discussed the idea of merging the Xbox and PC platforms, specifically pointing out Rocket League's recent cross-play feature that allows for Xbox and PC gamers to play together. Universal Windows Applications are nothing new, and they are perhaps leading to something more tangible with these new hardware upgrades. Xbox is a well-known gaming platform, but Microsoft plans to turn it into a platform akin to the computer or mobile phone, capable of so much more than just gaming. Sams also talked about how the Xbox could turn into software rather than its own separate device and how all of the Microsoft platforms could be linked into one simple device, probably the PC.

    These devices are sure to close some divides between streaming and gaming consoles. Microsoft hopes to blur the line between console and PC gaming within the next few years, as well as make streaming and gaming a more accessible combination by throwing them all into one device. The incredible levels of integration Microsoft has planned is nothing short of revolutionary and could even open up a whole new market of media. How many of these claims are due to come to fruition are questionable at best, but given the reputable sources at the helms of these claims, many of these are sure to become tangible in the near future.


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  1. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
    Will mircosoft ever get into making handheld consoles? to play on the go, always was a fan of the PSP, but I just wish microsoft would come out with something similar, Don't get me wrong I have been a fanboy of Xbox since Day 1
  2. Red58
    I wonder if one day Microsoft will just stop building consoles altogether and shift all their focus on perfecting their Windows OS as well as putting all their games on there instead. Possibly make a deal with Valve? It could probably prove quite beneficial with the increase of PC gamers over the recent years.
      FL0CK likes this.
    1. FL0CK
      In theory i like this idea but, to have at least a decent gaming pc i5 GTX 970 your looking at like £600/$800, but then again they could make there own hmmm
      Cheeze Its likes this.
  3. ZoZo
      David Bowie likes this.
    1. David Bowie
      I really don't know what to make of this rumor. However, I would consider buying it purely because of the low price and compatibility with Oculus.
    2. ZoZo
      It's actually no longer a rumor. I PM'd Casp to update it. It's now confirmed that this is true.
      David Bowie likes this.
    3. David Bowie
      Oh, that sounds incredible then. Well I definitely agree with you haha, from the sound of that rumour looks like they've definitely surpassed PS4.
  4. 3xTiNcT
    Well, something to look forward to see for E3.
  5. GH0ST_OP
    I'm calling it now, the next xbox (not necessarily the 1.5 but the one after) will just be a microsoft pc with an xbox like dashboard default app, running windows, and come with a controller and mic.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. GH0ST_OP
      Not necessarily a new OS like SteamOS, but rather tiered hardware like steam box, running windows with a customised Xbox shell similiar to the dashboard on the One, but let you use it like a typical desktop.
    3. VexxVoid
      For sure. I mean we do already have the Xbox App on W10, just need it to launch games instead of streams. I was thinking about an end-game that looks like Steam's Big Picture mode I guess.
    4. GH0ST_OP
      Exactly what I was getting at. You still get the ease of buying a system that can play games, yet be fully functional like a desktop.
  6. goss34
    I really hope they don't leave the Xbox One in the dust. Hasn't even been out 4 years and already Microsoft is creating of another generation. Gaming industry is very desperate at the moment.
    1. AlienFreek01
      They need it to get ahead. With Sony planning new hardware as well they have to do something
  7. Razor sean
    If this is true, it basically contradicts Phil Spencer's previous statements about newer hardware for Xbox one, the funny thing is he was mocking the PS4 Neo by saying he doesn't have any plans for an "Xbox one and a half" and now the jokes on him. Lmao we'll see how well it competes against PS4K, the new Xbox one will probably be outperformed once again.
    1. Salus
    2. StrawberryKills
      PS4k? your joking right? both consoles are way to weak to run 1080p 60frames
    3. Razor sean
      Meant to write PS4.5, but anyway the leaks before said PS4K, even though I know if both Microsoft and Sony released a upgraded console, it won't be able to handle 4K.
  8. Sewn
    It looks kinda odd to me at least...
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      I agree. Although I like the idea of a smaller system I probably won't go out and buy another Xbox One..
    2. GH0ST_OP
      That is old concept art iirc.