The first episode of Life Is Strange 2, Dontnod Entertainment’s dramatic, story-heavy adventure game, will launch Sept. 27 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Publisher Square Enix revealed the premiere date alongside a teaser trailer — not that the trailer adds any sort of context for the hotly anticipated project.

What we do know is that Life Is Strange 2 will tell a story that unfurls over the course of five episodes, much like its 2015 predecessor. Here’s hoping that subsequent episodes launch far more quickly than those of the first season; Life Is Strange’s episodes rolled out over the course of nine months.

The timing of this reveal seems premature, considering Square Enix is promising more information to come no sooner than August. But with free Life Is Strange side story The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit launching on June 26, perhaps this was a marketing move on the publisher’s part.

Captain Spirit will tie into the overarching story of Life Is Strange 2, although it’s unclear how. All we know is that neither game will take place in Arcadia Bay, where the first Life Is Strange was set, and that Captain Spirit’s short story will include choices that impact Life Is Strange 2.

As for other Life Is Strange content to tide you over until September, check out 2017’s prologue miniseries, Before the Storm. The lovely, three-episode storyline stars Chloe from the original game as well as her best friend Rachel, who incites the incidents of Life Is Strange.

Source: Polygon