Earlier today developer Maximum Games made an exciting announcement, they're officially bringing their unique RPG Lichdom: Battlemage to PS4 and Xbox One. Up until now Lichdom: Battlemage was exclusively on Steam, and although it hasn't gotten the recognition it truly deserves on PC, it is hoped that the move to consoles will see its ratings go up as more people see just how unique and awesome the game is.

The game is a first person RPG, with combat very similar to that of the mages in Skyrim. You get eight different Sigils, which is the game's version of talent trees, which can be upgraded into thousands of complex spells using drops you get in game. You also have a shield barrier ability and the ability to Blink to close distances and escape at a moment's notice.

What makes Lichdom: Battlemage so different is that at the start of the game a Wizard named Roth grants you unlimited magical abilities. What this means is that throughout the entire game you never have any sort of mana pool, you are truly a master wizard with no limits. This allows for some of the most entertaining gameplay I've ever seen in an RPG, not just because you can sling as many spells as you'd like, but because of the complexity of the spells you can create. Want to go old school and fling fireballs and roast vast areas with a single flick of the wrist? No problem, just focus your talents on damage and AoE. Want to go crazy and have a blast? You can do that too, with a few spell combinations you can cause an enemy to go berserk, imbue him with fire and have him run into a mob of enemies, effectively turning him into a suicide bomber.

The story is decent, it's nothing to write home about, but the plot flows consistently well and doesn't leave you wanting. The general idea of the story is you were a smith who was married, when one day the evil Count Shax comes to your shop and demands a sword that's already been paid and spoken for. You deny him, so he has your wife killed and he knocks you unconscious. Upon waking up, you meet a wizard named Roth who gives you a set of bracelets that grant you unlimited power, which sets you off on your journey to fight the evil Cult of Malthus.

It is exciting to hear that it is coming to consoles, as I enjoyed this game very much and I hope to see it get more success on consoles than it has on PC so far. If you're a PC gamer looking for a new RPG to pass the time and keep you entertained, look no further than this. If you're a console gamer I highly recommend you get this game when it comes out, and for those of you who are on the fence, here is a trailer so you can see more of what this game is about.