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Hello everybody, welcome to another one of my "Let's Look At's". In this article, I will be looking at a very special game, the original Super Mario Bros. It is regarded as one of the best games of all time, and for good reason. I will be doing a three part series, with this part being the classic games, part two of the Mario and Luigi games, and for part three, the 3D Mario games.
We have a whole lot to thank this game for. Not only did it spawn a great line of games, it single handedly saved the video game industry. Around 1986, video games were becoming a sort of fad. Companies like Atari and Sega started to lose money quickly, and sales slowed down greatly.

But out of the shadows; rose the NES. It was Nintendo's weapon against the fall; and it turned things around in favour of Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. is a game that was included with the console, and was praised all over the world as one of the most addicting and fun games of its time. Nintendo, astounded by their game, went on to make one of the most recognizable game series ever. Games for the Mario series are still being made to this day like the recent Super Mario 3D World on the WiiU.

The gameplay mechanics of Super Mario Bros. are simple. You play as Mario, a plumber that is on a quest to save Princess Peach from Bowsers castle. As you go through the levels, you will encounter different enemies, like Bullet Bills and Flying Koopa Troopas. There are also things that you can get by jumping underneath "?" blocks, like Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and coins. The mushroom turns you into Super Mario, a form Mario that can take a extra hit, and jump farther and higher. The Fire Flower turns Mario into another form, one that can shoot fireballs at enemies, and coins can give you a extra life for every 100, as well as increasing your score. Each world has 4 levels, and there are 8 in total, and every single level is pretty unique. Some are underwater, underground, in the air, etc. etc. This makes SMB a very fun and addicting platforming experience.

Japanese players breezed through the game easily, but American players seemed to be not as good at the game. So, Nintendo went on to make Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, which featured many new challenging levels, while America got a re-skinned version of a other Japanese game, Doki-Doki panic. This is why the American SMB2 is a very strange game, with Mario throwing turnips at enemies instead of jumping of them.

A little while later, in the SNES lifespan, Nintendo released Super Mario All-Stars. It featured every Mario game released at that time, on one single cartridge remade for the SNES's graphical capabilities. This was the first time American players actually got their hands on the true SMB2, dubbed in game as: Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, and even had a small stamp on the select screen for it that said: Unreleased in the U.S.A.


(Left:smile: Original SMB2 on NES, only released in Japan. (Right:smile: American SNES version, found in Super Mario All-Stars.
Super Mario Bros. had many remakes and ports, like the virtual console version on the Wii. It was featured as IGN's "Best Game Of All Time" in 2005, and for good reason. If you have not played a Mario game, what are you waiting for?

Thank you for reading my Let's Look At for this week. I will write this series once a week, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I will do any game, on any console.