Banner for the recently released remake, Wind Waker HD

I will be pretty honest, when I first saw glance of the cel shaded graphics for this game, it was a big let down. Mainly because the demo we got before, when the GameCube was in development, showed completely different graphics than TWW. The new Zelda tech demo was referred to as Zelda 128, and it made jaws drop to the ground. The video showed a realistic Link and Gannon, engaged in swordplay. Then, about a year or so later, we got the trailer that everybody was hoping for. They loaded it on their PC and watched it. And watched it. And watched it again. A lot of people actually hated Nintendo after that, because we got something COMPLETELY different. I feel that a lot of people did not really give it another chance, as the game itself is vast and open, with tons of islands to explore.

Now, to the main game. The cell shaded graphics actually look pretty impressive, even to today's standards. To me though, everything looked dynamic and fluent. The ocean waves, the grass, it truly felt like a Zelda game. Fast forward a little bit, and you will soon find yourself in a boat. Not just any boat though, it can talk, and also gives you the Wind Waker. You can use the Wind Waker to change direction of the wind, and other things once you know the song to play, a lot like how you unlock songs in OOT. Another thing that this game got right on the money was the dungeons. They are dynamic, and have very smart puzzle mechanics. They have the usual dungeons though, which is kind of getting boring. Every game usually has the same kinds of dungeons, being Water, Fire and Earth or Wind. Other than that, they are executed throughly.

The story is that you are trying to gain enough power to face Gannondorf, while also trying to save your sister, Aryll. You will also visit islands in the game, which you travel to by your boat. There are multiple mini-games and side quests you can do to gain bigger wallets, pieces of heart and such. The controls are almost no different then Majora's Mask or Ocarina Of Time. Analog stick to move, B button for slashing your sword, A is the action button and the C stick is used for equipping and using items you will get through dungeons in the game, such as the Bow and Arrow, and bombs. My favorite item is the skull hammer, which you get from beating a mini-boss in the forsaken fortress. You can smash enemies with it, and is very satisfying to get a kill with.

Here is my final thought: If you liked Zelda games before, you will like the Wind Waker. It changes pace a little bit here and there, especially when using the boat to get to islands. There is a dynamic world, with pirate bases, fish that will give you advice, tornadoes, and such. This truly feels like an open adventure game, and if you have not played any of this specific game yet, I highly suggest in doing so, as you will be awarded with an adventure behind your dreams. This game is my must-play of the month. Download an emulator and play it! If you want to discuss anything about Zelda, post below.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions, please send them to me. I will do any game as long multiple people support you.

Thank you once again.

Want to see the Zelda 128 demo? Here you go!

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