First of all, I would like to thank lilshadowxzx for suggesting this! Note that I am looking at the remake, not the N64 version.

He's a squirrel!
He's a bat-squirrel!
He's a squirrel again!

He's everyone's favorite furry smart-*** that finally has another video game! Conker: LIVE & Reloaded is a remake of the original platforming game known as Conkers Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64. Now, if you've not played these games before, I would like to warn you, the writing in this game is some of the most crude in any video game to date. It may seem like a cute and cuddly game on the outside, but inside is some of the funniest moments you will have in any game. One of the most famous bosses, the Great Mighty Poo, actually sings an OPERA while you fight him. Wow.

Also to mention is that this game actually got a warning label on each case, the N64 one and this one, stating: "Warning: This game is not for anyone under 17", but who cares? I am boring you, so let's get into the game. The first thing you'll probably notice is the graphics, they are outstanding for the Xbox, everything looks new and fresh as well as dynamic, with grass swaying with the wind and other minuscule details too, like trees.

The gameplay is mostly the same as well, with Conker having the main moves as his last game, including hitting enemies with a frying pan, using his tail to fly, etc. etc. Conkers movement however does feel a little clunky, being swapped from an N64 controller to an Xbox controller. It will take a little getting used too, but it is nothing that takes you out of the game. One major con that I found was a little disappointing was the facial animations, they look just like the N64 ones! Back then it was okay, but now? That is a big no-no, as a game that looks this good should at least have some good animations, as you will be seeing them a lot throughout the game.

The characters you all know return, with a major upgrade in detail. All of them have really good voices as well, my highlight being Mr. Bee. His detail on his body and eyes clearly represent that he is miserable and draggy, and his voice makes you feel inside the game, and for the Xbox, this is quite a complement.

Overall, if you liked Bad Fur Day, you will LOVE this remake, included with a major graphical overhaul. The only downsides are new levels replacing some old ones, and the new control scheme, as well as some animation stiffness. This is a must-play for any gamer, the N64 version and this one-of-a-kind remake. The gameplay feels fluid and smooth and all of your favorite characters return in this awesome gems for the Xbox. If you have not played this game already, I highly suggest in doing so, as you will be rewarded with one of the best platforming games out there. (*Cough after Banjo-Kazooie.)

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Thank you for your time.