LeapTrade Now Lets You Trade In Your Games For Cash

In the ever growing gaming industry, more and more games are made available for gamers world wide. A constant flow of AAA titles, public funded...
  1. Sparfire
    In the ever growing gaming industry, more and more games are made available for gamers world wide. A constant flow of AAA titles, public funded kickstarter successes and surprise indie games reach PC and consoles, and with so many games available, it is near impossible for a consumer to be able to afford even just the most appealing titles. So what do we do? We buy them, trade them in, and buy something else. That sounds simple enough, right?

    Well, there is one catch: The price you get in return for your game is just a fraction of what you paid for it originally, so you are losing a lot of money. On Amazon you will get approximately 33% of the game's worth back, while Gamestop is gracious enough to give you about 40% in return. That is, say, $19 for a $47.50 game, which most likely means you will have to pay up in order to have enough cash to get the new game you want. That is, unless you give LeapTrade a go.

    LeapTrade is not a store, but a forum where gamers can trade with each other. So if you have a game to sell, there's going to be someone there that is looking to buy it. And that other game you were thinking of getting as a replacement for the one you just sold? Someone on this site will most likely have it for sale. There are 50,000 users there, and the place is constantly growing. The best part is that you are not just handing your money to some big corporation. LeapTrade only takes a low percentage of the sales, less than 10%, and that includes PayPal fees. Everything else is pure profit. For you. There's no 66% loss in value for you there.

    Trading games for cash is a new feature on LeapTrade, and has just been released to be tested by Beta users. Since the start 3 years ago, LeapTrade has grown into a solid venue for gamers to trade in their games, in exchange for site credits. This is about to change, as a member, you can now sell your games and fill your PayPal account with cash. With the option to set the price yourself, you get a completely different control. You are not forced to sell it cheap, just to see the buyer making bank by selling it again for three times the price. It is sold by you, for the price you ask.

    If you want a fair trade, and an easy and secure way to get rid of your unused games without losing most of the money they are worth, go take a look at LeapTrade. You might find that you have room for that one extra bookmark in your browser.

    Here's the link to the Beta sign up: http://beta.leaptrade.com/

    Note: This is not a paid endorsement.

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  1. Chazay
    Isn't it like... illegal to not have a disclaimer when something is an advertisement?
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    2. Sparfire
      Hey Chazay. I didn't get **** for writing this.
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    3. Chazay
      Theres two ways to do a disclaimer... "This is not a paid endorsement" or "this is a paid endorsement by our sponsors". Both are very important when dealing with direct sponsors.
    4. Sparfire
      I appreciate your input guys, but please, can you use the report button next time? This is massively off-topic, and while I might have responded to this long conversation myself at one point, while being under the influence of some absolutely glorious beer, we all know that this doesn't belong in the comments. I'm back online now, so whenever you have an issue with something I have done, I would really appreciate if you can shoot me a PM or just report my content. You guys know lots of stuff I don't, so please keep the feedback coming. Oh, and denz, I need some moar memes on my profile page. Please?
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  2. Salus
    Apparently bestbuy will give you more money lol
    1. Kankuro
      Where are you seeing that?
    2. Salus
      On the homepage it tells you how much you'll get for your games and it says best buy will give you the most, unfortunately bestbuy only gives store credit :frown:
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    3. Kankuro
      Yea, that's why I think that was referring to buying from, not selling to.
  3. Criminal
    Lol on the homepage it says leaptrade gives you 65% and bestbuy gives you 75%.... So Best Buy it is then?
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    2. Kankuro
      I don't think that is accurate, I let LeapTrade know about it, thanks.

      Edit: Looking at it more makes it seem like that is when you're buying from LT. I've done a few comparisons for graphics and this looks more accurate to what you pay for games. They may have just goofed and put "selling" instead of "buying". Either way, I let them know and I'll update you on the correct info regarding this.
    3. Criminal
      Well if it is ment to be buying then gamestop would be the best deal. I do think it is just some sorta goof error though.
    4. Kankuro
      It is, I spoke with them and they are going to fix it soon.
  4. Kankuro
    Dolla dolla bills yall.
  5. Pyroman
    So it's the game for their stores' credit?
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    2. Pyroman
      Oh cool. I might do this then.
    3. Pyroman
      How do you do this lol, the only options are sell for Leaptrade credit or towards another game. I'm on the beta.leaptrade
    4. Kankuro
      There is a tab labeled "Cash" when you go to list the game.

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