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Since Street Fighter V was revealed back in December of 2014, fans of the franchise have wanted to know everything about it from the character roster to every game mode and stage. Earlier this year in August, developer Capcom opened up a beta session for PS4 owners in North America to test the game and as a result, many people have been combing through data and files to see what else was in the game that was not available to players at the time of the beta. AceKombat of the Shoryuken forums has uncovered audio files from the game that allude to who the DLC characters will be, as well as the final character that has not been revealed yet.

In the audio files, the in-game announcer can be heard saying the following names: Juri, Guile, Alex, Ibuki, Urien, Balrog and Fan. This find has confirmed the theories of several fans who speculated that the six-character, post-launch DLC would include those characters. The final character on the roster who has yet to be revealed could be the mysterious Fan referenced in the audio files though no other information has been made available yet.

In addition to the names of characters, the audio files also hint at Capcom holding tournaments in certain parts of the world with the announcer specifically referring to certain events held in North America, Asia and Europe. The audio leak also details the ranks that can be earned through online play and they can be unlocked in this order:

  1. Rookie
  2. Bronze
  3. Super Bronze
  4. Ultra Bronze
  5. Silver
  6. Super Silver
  7. Ultra Silver
  8. Gold
  9. Super Gold
  10. Ultra Gold
  11. Platinum
  12. Super Platinum
  13. Ultra Platinum
  14. Diamond
  15. Super Diamond
  16. Ultra Diamond
  17. Master
  18. Grandmaster
  19. Ultimate Grandmaster
  20. Warlord
  21. Hero

Fans of the Street Fighter series already had plenty to look forward to with the upcoming installment, but it seems that Capcom has even more in store for Street Fighter V players. Now that the ranks, tournaments, and full character roster have been revealed, fans have even more reason to be excited for the game when it's released on February 16, 2016.

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