Leaked Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Gameplay

By God · Aug 9, 2015 · Updated Aug 9, 2015
  1. God

    Someone has finally leaked what many people have been waiting for, gameplay footage of the newly announced Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode DICE promised they would be adding to multiplayer as a standalone game mode. Lucky gamers got to play the mode firsthand and Gamescom 2015 and one even went as far as to record the gameplay. The footage can be seen below:

    Fighter Squadron will have 10 vs.10 players, with an additional 20 ships being controlled by AI for a total of 40 on-screen at any given time. The gameplay in the video is being played on a Playstation 4 at a very smooth framerate.

    You can see the player piloting an X-Wing on the volcanic planet while plumes of ash cloud the sky. These ash clouds can be used to the player's advantage to escape enemies tailing them. The ship seems to be very easy to maneuver as the player stays right behind a TIE fighter with ease, never losing sight of it. In a recent Q&A on Twitter, EA revealed the game mode would feature "hero" ships such as Han Solo's Millennium Falcon and Jango Fett's Slave.


    They also stated the AI would not be too difficult to take out for players, which means newcomers to the series should have an easy time taking them out. Also confirmed for release during the Q&A were customization options for the character of your choice, which will be limited to designs that will stay true to the Star Wars universe. EA also promised plenty of customization and weapon unlocks among other things meant to keep players busy giving them something to work towards.

    Star Wars: Battlefront releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC November 17th 2015.


    What are your thoughts on this new game mode? Are you excited to pilot a ship into battle?

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  1. Wavy
    I'm excited. I honestly think this game will be good, but if you disagree that's fine.
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  2. ziggyxXx
    everytime i see a news report or gameplay trailer for this game i start to druel and shake and sweat manickly lol, this game is a must have and im pre-ordering as soon as i possibly can, the vids ive seen of gameplay of fighting on planets hoth and tatooine are absolutely outstanding, well done again dice/ea, you the man......
  3. Matrixmonkey17
    I really do miss the space battles, they could have really taken it away too, added comets or black holes or quasars within the fields randomly to throw off the tides of games. But none the less I'm still waiting on confirmation that I can become a Jedi dammit #BeastModePending.....
  4. Durva
    Sorry but there is no saving this dying horse unless we hear galactic conquest and space battles have returned
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  5. Nemo
    Aweee :frown: They took down the video....
    1. God
      Found another link
  6. VinnyHaw
    damnit, it's already gone.
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    2. VinnyHaw
      Thanks. It looks kinda lame that it's not in first person though
    3. God
      You can switch bewteen first and third. He just stuck to third.
    4. VinnyHaw
      Yeah, but when you're the only one playing in first you put yourself at a huge disadvantage. It would be nice if they had a fist person only mode and you had to rely on the window and a radar.
  7. Salus
    is it pretty much a star wars skinned battlefield?
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    1. God
      Even though they said that's not going to be the case...pretty much lol.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    This game mode looks alright and the customization should be cool.
  9. Arxhive
  10. Pyroman
    Looks kinda interesting.. but not the best as Vino said "They could've taken the effort used to make this and put in space battles instead." which I think would have made this so much better.

    Of: Wish they leaked some F4 content..