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Layers of Fear Coming to Game Preview on Xbox One


Making its way onto Steam back in August, Layers of Fear has been available to play as early-access on PC for a couple of months now. Being the second title released by the developers at Bloober Team, it is certainly looking to be much better than their first attempt at video games, known as Basement Crawl. Layers of Fear will now be coming to Microsoft’s version of Steam Greenlight, allowing players to test the waters on Xbox One and give it some feedback. All as a means to thoroughly determine if the game is really worthy of being developed into a full-on release.​

Layers of Fear will put you into the mind of a crazed painter, as you roam through his house uncovering the basis of his insanity. The game takes on a much more psychedelic/psychological route on horror compared to what we usually see in this genre. A simple turn of the game camera or opening of a previously closed door can completely warp your surroundings, sometimes changing them into what can only be described as a psychedelic trip. By that I mean, the walls might start melting, or expanding and contracting into strange forms, among many other extremely odd changes. While other times, just looking behind yourself could shift the entire room into a completely different one than what was there before. All of which will probably make you double-take quite often to confirm what you see is truly happening.

The video above is roughly one hour of gameplay for everyone to get a general idea of what to expect in the game, and I highly recommend watching it in fullscreen. It starts off a bit slow, basically just giving the player a feel for the mechanics, but things start to get a bit weird around the 15:25 mark. An exact timeframe for its launch onto the Game Preview Program has not been announced just yet. Although, we can assume that it will be released onto Xbox One and PC. If all goes well after being tested by the gaming community, that is.

UPDATE - It has been announced earlier today that Layers of Fear will be coming to the Xbox One Preview Program this Friday. So stock up on your favorite snacks, and get ready for the ultimate scare!

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