LawBreakers, the class-based team shooter from the studio of Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, will make its full launch on Aug. 8 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, Bleszinski said at today’s PC Gaming Show.

LawBreakers will cost $29.99 — “None of this $60 multiplayer-only bulls***,” Bleszinski added, though multiplayer on PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.

LawBreakers touts its fast pace, specialized weapons and movement talents, and maps that include “gravity anomalies” allowing players to fly, float and fight in zero-G.

Bleszinski founded Boss Key Productions in 2014, two years after he left Epic Games. LawBreakers, first announced in 2015, is the studio’s first game. Nexon is LawBreakers’ publisher.

Polygon went hands-on with LawBreakers in a preview event a year ago. Since then, Boss Key Productions has tuned the game with a private alpha release and two private betas. We participated in one of the betas back in March. A third private beta is coming, followed by a full public beta on PC on June 30.

Source: Polygon