LawBreakers, the new shooter from Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski, is getting some substantial-sounding updates. The game's official Twitter account has posted a preview of the game's post-launch roadmap for new content and features. It shows that players can expect new maps, features, another class, and more in the time ahead.

The new maps are called Namsan and Gateway, and you can see teaser images for them in the tweet below. The new feature is Skirmishes, while a ranked mode called Boss Leagues is also on the way. A new class is coming as well (you can see the silhouette but that's all), along with "rapid fire updates" in the future as well.

The new content is scheduled to be released in the order it's shown in the image, though given the fluid and changing nature of game development, things could change.

All of this content, as well as whatever else comes in the future, is free for people who bought LawBreakers. New stash-drop items are also free for all players.

LawBreakers is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. GameSpot's LawBreakers review scored the $30 multiplayer shooter an 8/10. "Its fresh anti-gravity mechanics transcends its first-glance novel appeal and creates limitless combat situations that will be new and inviting to many shooter fans," review Miguel Concepcion said.

Source: GameSpot