Hideo Kojima's mysterious next project, Death Stranding, has gotten more in-depth (and intensely weird) new trailer . At The Game Awards, we got a look at an extended trailer detailing the incredibly bizarre and creepy world of Kojima Productions' next project. Despite more context, there's still plenty of questions that remain to be answered.

In the 8-minute long trailer, we're finally given some details to the madness behind Kojima's new game. With Norman Reedus' character now wearing clothes, a full body suit with a robotic eye-like device attached over his shoulder, he sneaks through a field filled with bodies. With him is another man, who refers to Reedus' character as "Sam." Eventually, the two men are surrounded by an oil-like substance seen from the previous trailers. The second man is holding a canister containing a baby, seen from previous trailers. The two men eventually see another figure clad in black, silently motioning them to run--who disappears soon after.

Eventually, the second man is overcome by the black substance and is abducted by large black tendrils. "Sam" takes the canister that the second man dropped, and witnesses in the distance a large giant, who consumes his companion. Soon after, Norman Reedus' character finds himself in front a black crater after falling unconscious. With only the canister, he looks off into the distance and sees five floating figures above the crater.

Before the end of the trailer, Norman Reedus' muses on the beginning of humanity from the first big bang, and whether they will be able to survive after the next. From there, the trailer ends.

After the trailer, Hideo Kojima and Norman Reeds took to the stage. During their presentation, Norman Reedus praised Kojima as a creative, stating that the experience working on the game opened him up to new things during the making of this game. Before leaving, Reedus closed out their showing of Death Stranding by stating "And there's nothing that will stand in our way."

Source: GameSpot