Kojima Productions Disband

It has been revealed today that Kojima Productions have disbanded and Metal Gear Solid V will be their final project. Akio Otsuka, the man behind...
  1. Alex

    It has been revealed today that Kojima Productions have disbanded and Metal Gear Solid V will be their final project. Akio Otsuka, the man behind the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid took to Twitter to address the state of Kojima Productions. Japanese gaming website Gematsu have translated the tweet.
    "Kojima Productions was forced to disband, but it appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I expect it will become their greatest masterpiece. I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to say 'Kept you waiting, huh?' (Laughs.) But even if this is the end, Metal Gear Solid is immortal!"

    At this time it is unclear if the studio will cease to operate completely and what will happen to the studio staff, but what has become more clear is that Hideo Kojima will be parting ways with Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V.

    It was reported back in May that Hideo Kojima had left Konami when Silent Hills was cancelled, the Silent Hills PT was also removed from the PlayStation Store. Since then all Kojima Productions branding has been removed from promotional cover art and websites for MGS V.

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  1. Wavy
    Never played the series, but it seems like there is a lot of closing and reorganizing of gaming companies/corporations lately. Wonder why that is.
  2. Master
    Wow, this is depressing. Metal Gear Solid is such a huge game title. I am thinking they will get back together later in the future. Let's hope this isn't permanent.
  3. Red58
    All i know is that these people stole $20 from me when i bought Ground Zero thinking it was an actual game.
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    2. Red58
      Ten hours? There was one map location with like five missions, I was disappointed and thought it would be a full fledged game.

      I was completely new to this series and thought it was an engaging open world stealth experience. It was about the size of some Battlefield TDM maps, a little bigger but not by much. It was fun until I beat the main mission, which didn't take me 2 and a half hours like the guy in the article said, it was closer to about 30 mins.
    3. h0rridHoopa
      How can you think it was a actual game and was only $20?
    4. Red58
      Wasn't the only one, got Tomb Raider digital copy for somewhere around that price.
  4. h0rridHoopa
    You have got to take this down NOW! If my friend sees this i wont stop hearing about it for weeks! PLEASEEEE
  5. Arxhive
    I forsee a huge drop in Konami's business.
    1. Alex
      Didn't they announce not too long ago they were going to focus on mobile gaming (iOS/Android), to me this shouts that they've been troubled for some time and Kojima has had enough. Such a big studio being fronted by a publisher that wants to move away from core gaming. It's bad.
  6. televisedfool
    Welp that sucks.. Just another nail in the coffin.

  7. Skype
    Damn this blows big time... Been a fan of Metal Gear Solid since back in the days. :arghh:
  8. Sallos
    Dammit, Konami, why must you ruin everything! :banghead: