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Kinect technology in laptops

It was already confirmed earlier at CES that Kinect PC would be arriving on February 1st (this Wednesday) in 12 countries: UK, US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain.

Reports have arisen that we will also see Kinect-based technology in laptops. The Daily says that it has seen two Asus laptops with Kinect capabilities, the gear built in the displays of the laptops.

The laptops were like every other Asus laptop you'd see, however the stark difference was obviously the multitude of sensors at the top of the screens, where a webcam might be found, with a panel of LEDs below the screen. With this, it has also been reported that Microsoft have confirmed that Kinect technology is within the units.

Speculations suggest that Microsoft would license the technology to numerous hardware firms, which would be able to work with the Kinect capabilities and incorporate it in their products. This would entail levering new control interfaces and interaction from the sensors, with the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

The setback with this is the elimination of webcams, although I'm certain hardware firms would find a way to include a webcam within their products, along with the Kinect technology. We'll have to wait until February 1st to examine 'Kinect PC' further.


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