Ubisoft has announced a limited-time Halloween-themed event for Rainbow Six: Siege. Called Mad House, the event is going on right now and will continue until October 31.

The Mad House event adds a new haunted variation of the House map to Siege. It gives the classic map a ghoulish glow and covers the walls in Halloween-themed decorations, such as spooky paintings and cobwebs. The event also adds special skins that transform 10 of Siege's Operators--Finka, Jager, Vigil, Thermite, Valkyrie, Pulse, Hibana, Mira, Buck, and Ash--into monstrous versions of themselves. Jager becomes a living skeleton, for example, and Vigil transforms into a possessed nun with demonic eyes.

Playing on the haunted House map allows you to unlock up to two Crimsonveil packs through Ubisoft Club Challenges. The first pack is unlocked for killing 30 enemies in the haunted House, while the second is for killing 60. You'll also unlocked a pack just by logging in during the event, and additional packs can be purchased with R6 credits. Opening packs unlocks one of the 10 special Operator skins, or one of the 12 Halloween-themed weapon skins and unique charms.

Ubisoft has confirmed that Crimsonveil packs will not offer duplicates. So after unlocking your one free pack, buying the 21 Crimsonveil pack bundle for 6300 R6 credits will be enough to unlock everything. It will be more than enough if you get the two packs from completing the haunted House map's challenges. If you can't earn enough credits to unlock all the packs you need prior to Halloween, you can purchase R6 credits with real money. 6300 R6 credits translates into $50 USD.

Rainbow Six: Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: GameSpot