As one of wrestling's most iconic figures, for better or worse, John Cena has essentially been the face of the WWE for well over a decade. In those years, he's went from fan-favorite to another annoying staple of wrestling, but now he seems to be somewhere in between. If you can't get enough of the man behind Cena Nation, or if you're just looking forward to the next collector's edition for WWE 2K18, then you're in luck. Celebrating 15 years as one of the WWE's most iconic stars, the collector's edition for WWE 2K18 will be decked out in Cena gear for die-hard fans, but will also have a few shoutouts for his biggest haters.

In the Cena (Nuff) Edition (that's 'seen enough' in case you don't get it) comes with a copy of the game along with the season pass, access to WWE Legends wrestlers Batista and Rob Van Dam, and alternate versions of John Cena and Kurt Angle based on past from earlier in their careers and from classic pay-per-view events such as ECW One Night Stand and Wrestlemania 26. In addition to WWE 2K18, the Cena (Nuff) edition includes a special Mattel figure for John Cena, collectables for the WWE SuperCard mobile game, a limited edition signed plaque and photo celebrating the superstar, and a piece of the ring mat celebrating Cena's Wrestlemania 2017 win.

"Whether you love him or love to hate him, there is no denying the hustle, dedication and impact of a guy like John Cena," said Chris Snyder, vice president of marketing at 2K. "There will never be anyone else like him--a testament to his character and our Be Like No One campaign--and it makes him the perfect fit to honor with a fun, yet memorable collector's edition that's a must-have for any WWE fan."

With WWE 2K18 set to be released this October, there are many features and aspects about the game we're still in the dark about. But that's hasn't stopped them from going all in on this collector's edition. Priced at $150, and limited to only 30,000 copies, they're definitely counting on the die-hard fans from Cena Nation, and those who can't help but get their piece of WWE history, to jump on this. Though while WWE 2K18 was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch, this collector's edition will only be available for Xbox One and PS4.

Source: GameSpot