We know more Rainbow Six Siege content is on the way, and it looks as if the next batch of it will be announced soon.

Siege's official Twitter account sent out an image of a bird on a red background. This was accompanied by a brief line in Japanese about the time arriving for something. Given the language and the message itself, it stands to reason that we'll be hearing about new Siege DLC before long.


時は、来たれり pic.twitter.com/pSymLCtSer

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) October 30, 2016

The thing is, we may already know at least some of what that announcement will consist of. Last week, a Twitter user named Jon Kay posted a video showing footage of what he alleges are the new Operator and map for Season 4 (which would be the next big content drop for Siege).

The video consists of about two minutes of gameplay footage showing what looks like the inside of a Japanese structure that we later see is located high up on a skyscraper. You can see this for yourself below.

A leaked Ubisoft survey previously indicated Siege could get a second season pass, although content like a new map and Operator would likely continue to be offered for free to everyone.

Source: GameSpot