After being delayed until “sometime in 2015”, Ubisoft stopped sharing any progress at all on a regular basis about Tom Clancy’s The Division. From the moment this open world action RPG was announced at E3 in 2013, it has been a game a lot of players have been looking forward to, so when no information is being given officially, it’s not much of a surprise to see gamers take matters into their own hands. A round of data mining on the official website may have yielded proof that the drought of information might be coming to an end. What the game's sub-reddit may have discovered is possible proof of Ubisoft’s plans to host at least one public test before The Division goes live.


There are not many details to be found, but while digging through the HTML5 version of the Tom Clancy's The Division website, a reddit user named MarcoStyleNL found what appears to be a part of the site set aside specifically for an alpha. Still, this is no guarantee for it actually being used, but it did of course spawn speculation and fans hope that this is the proof of an upcoming alpha test.

There is no doubt an alpha test in a heavily online focused game like The Division would be a logical move from the developers. Recently, big titles both from Ubisoft and other big names in the industry has failed to perform as intended, so making sure the product is in a working state before it is sold seems to be a must. However, who gets to actually be a part of that alpha is anyone’s guess. It might be a PC exclusive, it might be a preorder tease or even a completely closed event. Until the developers chose to share their intentions, we really can’t tell.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of the games Ubisoft is presenting at this year’s E3, and they also have some of their dev team present at GDC in a few days. Maybe we will know more then.