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iOS Applications and Games become free for the App Store's 5th anniversary


Today is a good day for owners of the iPhone and iPad. A whole group of applications that normally hold fairly high prices have become entirely free. Here are some of the apps that have become free:

The CEO of Touch Press, the makers of Barefoot World Atlas, stated that the app has gone free to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the App Store’s launch. “Barefoot World Atlas went free this morning and will remain so all week to help celebrate 5 years of the App Store. Today’s promotion is another step down the road to help spread the word [about our apps],” said CEO Max Whitby to ABC News. Whitby also stated that “In marketing apps you have to consider the big picture. The loss of one week’s paid sales is far outweighed by the wider gain in awareness.”

Are any of you iDevice owners excited about this? Will you be downloading any of these applications or games? Tell me how you feel about this in the comments below.
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