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Introducing Crate Clicker: The Newest Clicker Game from GamerCrates

The newest clicker game on the market, Crate Clicker, is available now on iOS and Android devices. Here I describe the game a little, based on...
  1. Casp
    For now the game cannot be turned sideways, so sorry that the image is so long!

    Clicker games are all the rage these days, and GamerCrates has decided to come out with their own clicker game, Crate Clicker. For those that don't know, clicker games are games where you click on an item to earn cash or power-ups so you can click faster and more often to increase revenue. There isn't really a huge point to these games, but they are fun diversions and are addicting, and Crate Clicker isn't an exception to this rule. In Crate Clicker, you click a crate to earn cash and smash it open. With each crate you break open, you level up and earn more power-ups. You can earn cash every second as well, and even increase that amount of cash earned with power-ups.

    Crate Clicker offers an absurd amount of power-ups that are unlocked with level, ranging from cash multipliers to being able to destroy crates with just a single click. Some are available by default, such as a clicked cash multiplier and an earned cash multiplier. Other things are available, like a hammer that will smash the crate open quicker and get you leveling up in no time. The power-ups are tiered, so when you purchase one, a more powerful version of that power-up will be available for a larger sum of money. For the first ten or fifteen levels, power-ups are easy to come by. If you purchase enough multipliers, cash will start to pour in and getting other power-ups will be as easy as giving your phone a tap.

    While you're tapping your fingers away, supplies will drop often. Pick up these supplies to build supply crates, which will contain cash and themes. You can crack open rare, legendary, or epic supply crates, each containing varying amounts of goodies. There are a dozen interchangeable themes you can use, which can all be picked up from supply crates. It's not just a mindless clicker; make sure to pick up those supplies so you're able to play in style later! There are even some themes tailor-made for special days and events.

    The gameplay is theoretically endless, so you can just pop open Crate Clicker whenever you're bored at work, school, or even while you're playing another game! Since Crate Clicker automatically gives you some cash every second, the game practically plays itself! You can earn infinite amounts of cash, and when paired with multipliers, the rain never stops. I earned $100 million in about five minutes by leveling up the initial multiplier to level 15, placing my phone on my desk, grouping my three middle fingers together on each hand, and rapidly alternating three simultaneous taps with each hand. I would earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each second, and was able to purchase even more multipliers and power-ups in no time!

    Crate Clicker is available on iOS and Android devices, and is available for download for absolutely no charge!
    If you are running iOS, download from iTunes here.
    If you are on an Android device, download from Google Play here.

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  1. Salus
    My AdBlock must not be working haha
  2. Red
    Fun fact. Se7enSins has a legendary theme in the game :wink:

    Ill try it out and report back. Im a sucker for games like this. Hopefully its done well
    1. Red
      Yep, game is bad. One of the worst clicker games ive played unfortunately. The biggest turn off of course being the horrible UI. If everything wasn't buried as much as it is, or if upgrades were more clear as to what they did/you can afford them it would be a huge improvement.
      Salus, Pyroman, Zero and 1 other person like this.
    2. Zelkaar
      Yea, it's just a sad Cookie Clicker clone. RIP.
    3. Red
      Not even. If it was a cookie clicker clone then it would be good. It was just a half *** attempt at a "clicker game" if anything it was prob more like case clicker which is just as boring. Except case clicker has a good ui
  3. Zero
    Since I'm not obliged to say anything good about the game, I'll be honest in that the game is beyond ******. Tried it for thirty minutes before I had to uninstall from battery drainage, literally drained it more than ten percent within fifteen minutes of playing. Also can't comprehend how the game requires 180MB to install.
      Casp and Zelkaar like this.
    1. Zelkaar
      It needs extra space for them viruses fam
      Salus, Chazay and Zero like this.
  4. Deadpool
    You can click my crate anytime baby.
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