Chalk up two more bad guys for Injustice 2. In a supervillain-focused trailer released by Warner Bros. Interactive, both Scarecrow and Captain Cold were confirmed for NetherRealm Studios’ DC Universe fighter.

Injustice newcomers Scarecrow and Captain Cold, longtime nemeses of Batman and The Flash, respectively, are highlighted in a gameplay video that also offers a closer look at Bane and Gorilla Grodd. Scarecrow’s attacks and abilities appear to be centered on his use of a hook and chain, which he uses to ensnare and slash at his opponent, and the fear-inducing gas. Captain Cold, naturally, uses his power of cold to freeze his enemies and shoot ice-based projectiles.

Bane and Gorilla Grodd are both brawlers, though the latter can use his psionic abilities to inflict damage from afar.

So far, 28 characters —including Darkseid, a pre-order bonus — have been confirmed for Injustice 2. The fighting game comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16.

Source: Polygon