Game Developers Conference in San Francisco saw a new chance to go hands-on with Injustice 2, the brutal DC brawler from Mortal Kombat X developer NetherRealm. But the biggest takeaways came out of a short demonstration of Injustice 2’s robust RPG-style gear system, which revealed some of the most in-depth character customization I’ve seen in a one-on-one fighting game. There are two main ways to earn gear: conquering opponents in online and offline modes, or by purchasing Mother Boxes using gold earned from matches.

Gear revolves around four main body parts — head, chest, arms, and legs — plus an “accessory” (think Harley Quinn’s pistols). Most gear you collect will buff at least one of your four base stats: Strength and Ability determine the offensive power of basic attacks and special moves, while Defense and Health dictate how much damage your superhero can absorb.

More exotic effects — resistance to environmental damage, earning XP more quickly — come via “augmentations” found on some higher-tier items. Full gear sets, such as Batman’s kryptonite-infused outfit, are likely to be especially prized because they can grant dramatic bonuses when fully assembled.

After playing dress-up, you can apply shaders to alter your hero’s color schemes in some striking ways. A purple-clad Superman? Why not! I’m expecting to see some seriously creative designs here come May.

Beyond gear, players can further customize their character’s fighting style using a new loadout feature. Want to play a Batarang-heavy Batman build, or emphasize parries? The choice will soon be yours.

Purists can stick with a Tournament mode that reverts all superheroes to their base stats and abilities, while retaining the visual customizations.

Otherwise, the game’s brutal, bone-breaking combat will feel pretty familiar to Mortal Kombat X and Injustice fans. Newcomer Doctor Fate brings sneaky magic spells and high maneuverability, but Black Canary might be my favorite so far — she’s a lightning-fast martial artist who hits like a dump truck. I didn’t have a lot of luck in my limited time with Swamp Thing, thanks to his lumbering wind-up attacks and floaty, gravity-defying jumps.

I definitely enjoyed my time with the new Story mode, which seems to serve up a more cinematic, polished presentation. The plot still focuses on a rogue Superman who, still grieving after the death of Lois Lane in the first game, now plans to wipe out all crime no matter the cost.


Source: PlayStation Blog