Infinity Ward and Call of Duty 2016, Xbox One Awakening DLC Release Confirmed

We have received some more Call of Duty news! Although it isn't the most shocking news, Infinity Ward is confirmed to be the studio behind this...
  1. Crooks

    If all of you may recall, when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was initially revealed, that basically kick-started the new 3 year work cycle for every Call of Duty developer. That trend is still going strong, as Activision officially confirmed that Infinity Ward is this years Call of Duty developer. This isn't exactly something that was unexpected, but now we have received official confirmation.

    No information has been given to us as to whether or not this game will be a sequel to the miserable Call of Duty: Ghosts we saw back in 2013, or if it'll be a continuation of the Modern Warfare series, or if it'll be a new IP all together. Infinity Ward is definitely treading some deep waters here, because the pressure is on. Seeing as their last title wasn't exactly the greatest CoD game ever, they need to make up for it this time around before everyone loses faith in them.


    In other news, the official release date for the Awakening DLC pack for BOIII was also announced earlier today. Xbox One users will be able to play the DLC maps starting on March 3rd, 2016. It seems as if the one month principle continues to live on. No information was actually given to us pertaining to the DLC and the PC version of the game, but it's safe to assume that the PC release window is similar. What do you think? Are you excited for the next Call of Duty? Will you be buying the Awakening DLC on the Xbox One? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Shalour
    Bo3 has been just a dissapointment to me. It is just a fixed version of Aw. To me ghosts was the best game out of the three. So I am looking foward to what Infinity Ward has to offer. I just want a normal cod like the good old days, not this futuristic bulls***.
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    2. Itachi_Uchiha
      What I hate the most is when I ask someone what the best cod was and they say Black ops 2. There is no way in hell that black ops 2 is anywhere near on the level of some of the older cods.
    3. FL0CK
      There's no way any cod was on the level of the likes of COD4 and/or MW2 and/or WAW
    4. Snowy
      CoD: 4 is the best Call of Duty by far. I myself am only 13, yet I've played every Call of Duty from Call of Duty: 3, to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The differences between CoD: 3 and 4 are immense, but, the differences between the newer CoDs are minimal at best. But even today, the newer CoDs still remind me of the CoD: 4 engine. Personally, I still believe they are using the CoD: 4 engine, just modified.
  2. FL0CK
    MW4 for sure, also Ghosts was 2014 not 2016 lol
      No, 2013, BO3 came out in 2015, 2014 was AW, Ghosts was 2013
  3. televisedfool
    It sucks we are going to have to suffer through two sub par CoD to get back to Treyarch.

    There's a reason BO3 is one of the best selling CoD in quite some time and why it's helped Activision break records with both sales and player numbers generated.
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    2. televisedfool
      The numbers don't lie.

      You might not be into the futuristic setting nor your friends, grandparents or someone else you know.

      But that doesn't mean it's not trending right now. BO3 is the best selling CoD game since it's biggest decline in 2014 with ghosts.

      Future setting is making them a killing, so buckle up for more futuristic CoD games.
    3. Itachi_Uchiha
      Actually I have my money on the simple fact that it's a treyarch game is why it has made so much.
    4. RickyRam
      You say BO3 is their best selling game since 2014 and this is the best seller due to it being futuristic. Well partner before 2014 the CODS were present setting or past so you are telling everyone they sell more when the CODS are "traditional" or "old school" games. Now you might say that BO2 was futuristic and indeed it was but it was a treyarch game wich will always sell great but now treyarch has had its turn and now we are coming upon infinity ward and their gang which have sown from past games that their "futuristic" games are horrible sellers compared to treyarch. Point is Infinity Ward should stick to present or past setting games because that is what they are good at. Treyarch can just whatever the F*** they want because they can apparently make a badass game no matter the setting.