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Infinifactory Review + Giveaway


When I first heard about Infinifactory, I can honestly say that I didn’t expect that much from it. As harsh as it sounds, I have to admit that whenever I hear that a game is a puzzle game, I tend to become a bit skeptical. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with puzzle games, I feel like too many developers are making them and aren’t bringing anything original to the table. It’s almost like some games are just reskins of existing games (I’m looking at you Minecraft clones), however, after spending time with Infinifactory, I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t just another generic puzzle game, and that it has a lot to offer.


So, to begin, let’s talk about what exactly this game is. Infinifactory is a first person puzzle game that feels like it was taken straight out of the creative mode in Minecraft. While not a free roamer, you have the option to use every bit of space you’re given in each level however you see fit in order to complete the challenge given to you. As the game progresses, the challenges become increasingly complex, forcing you to call on every bit of knowledge you’ve gained in the previous levels. In addition to the challenges becoming harder, you also gain new blocks as you progress. When a new block is introduced, a simple pictures is shown with details on how to use it, which seems a bit underwhelming, but is usually good enough to get the point across.


Now that you know more about what Infinifactory is, let’s talk about the good aspects of this game, about the things that it manages to get right. Right off the bat, before anything else is even mentioned, I have to commend the developer Zachtronics on actually creating a puzzle game. I’ll be upfront about it, Infinifactory is just about everything a puzzle should be. Each level is challenging, each level requires you to not only think on your feet, but think outside of the box, even if it’s the box you used earlier in the game. It forces you to adapt, and when you finally manage to crack that particularly tough puzzle, or when you manage to figure out how to make the next stage of your factory work, it feels amazing. It really does, and I think that’s what a puzzle game needs to have, something that calls back to games like Super Mario 64, when you managed to get that particularly tough star that took you 50 tries to get.


There is basically no “correct” way to play the game, or handle any level. While you receive a better score the more efficient your solution is, there’s nothing requiring you to be efficient. For example. I had a solution that took 600 cycles to complete, while my friend managed to do it in 200 or so. And you know what, that’s okay, because I’m proud of my solution. Besides that, this game, while decidedly cartoony in the graphics department, does look great. The controls also manage to feel intuitive, not much different that creative mode in Minecraft, which is always a plus, since it just makes you feel at home.


Finally, let’s talk about the negative aspects of this game. Honestly, the biggest downside to Infinifactory is the lack of help it provides on certain puzzles. To be clear, I’m not saying that we need someone to hold our hands the entire game, no, the lack of that is one of its great strengths. However, I feel that with some puzzles, it would be beneficial for us to be able to take a brief glimpse at someone else's completed attempt, or at perhaps be able to ask for a hint a certain number of times. It may seem a bit lame, but the complexity of some of the puzzles is a bit much sometimes. At the very least, it’s just a thought.

So, in conclusion, Infinifactory is an excellent example of what a puzzle game should be. It offers a healthy dose of challenge with a solid mixture of fun. Yes, it can be tough, but the overwhelming amount of excitement you get from finally figuring out the problem is very tough to beat, and will keep you coming back.

All in all, I give Infinifactory a conveyor belt/10.


Thanks to the kind people at Zachtronics, we have a game key to give away! If you're interested in entering, simply comment below saying that you would like to enter. If you do not specify, your comment will be treated as a normal comment, and will not be chosen. A winner will be chosen on Sunday.
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