Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age Announced

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    Today Crytek announced Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, right after announcing Homefront: The Revolution (you can read more about that here) yesterday. This new game will be a four player co-op game, similar to the Left 4 Dead series in regards to game play.

    The information regarding the game is rather limited at the moment but it will be set in the 1800's in a world where all of the myths and monsters you've heard stories about become real and attempt to take out you and your pals throughout the game.

    Here is a little bit of information about the game from the press release,

    You can watch the announcement trailer as well below:

    Other than that there really isn't a whole lot to know about the game. It appears to be a lot like Left 4 Dead but with monsters and myths instead of zombies, and would seem to have the same type of game play as well, so fans of that series may very well enjoy this game. As far as a release date and/or systems go that remains unknown as well but it wouldn't surprise me to see a PC and next gen only release with this game as well. Personally I trust Crytek and love the L4D games so this one will for sure be on my list of games to get.

    You can sign up for the closed beta here. Which will begin sometime later this year.

    A couple things I noticed from the closed beta survey in regards to system releases and specs required for PC (please note that these are all just survey questions and may or may not result in being true)

    It would appear next gen and PC is the target audience based on survey question #5
    And the specs for PC seem to be relatively low requirements at least for beta testing based on question #6


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