Hulu Introducing Ad-Free Viewing

Let's be honest, no one has ever enjoyed sitting through those immensely boring thirty second advertisements, whether that be on YouTube, Twitch,...
By Inkd · Jul 18, 2015 · Updated Jul 18, 2015
  1. Inkd

    Let's be honest, no one has ever enjoyed sitting through those immensely boring thirty second advertisements, whether that be on YouTube, Twitch or any other major streaming platform. Earlier this year, Google announced their plans for users to pay an optional monthly fee for an ad-free YouTube, and it appears that Hulu, the online streaming service that offers a wide selection of TV shows, clips and movies, is following closely in Google's footsteps.

    According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, Hulu is planning on launching their ad-free service as early as this Fall. Thousands of people have complained throughout the last few years regarding the annoying ads that appear while they're watching content via Hulu, so this seems like a reasonable idea, right? Well, there is of course a slight catch. This upcoming service will cost anywhere between $12-$14 per month. That's quite expensive considering other services, such as Netflix, only charge $7.99 per month for the exact same benefits.

    Would the extra few dollars honestly be worth it? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. Th3Le9oman
    I used to like Hulu, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
      BACEGOD likes this.
  2. Red58
    Inkd Bby, ad blockers remove ads in youtube already
    <3 Red
  3. Master
    The price is very steep considering I can watch anything I want for free if I look hard enough. Thanks, but no thanks Hulu.
      BACEGOD and hip386 like this.
  4. F I R E
    I wonder if the price will automatically raise, or if we will have to upgrade.
    1. hip386
      I think we will have the option. Just like how Netflix offers the streaming only or streaming and dvds to the house.
    2. F I R E
      I'd rather just have the price update. But oh well.
  5. Matrixmonkey17
    Yea... no way and no thanks HULU you can keep your ad free service!
    1. Skype
      You can watch the same thing that they stream for free. Same here why pay 7 bucks or whatever for free stuff.
  6. 3xTiNcT
    I used Hulu before and I never really liked it but this would probably make it a bit better.
  7. slang
    It might be worth it considering Hulu, has much better TV Shows apposed to Netflix(In my opinion).
  8. hip386
    LOL, No way I'm going to pay more for ad-free. There is some annoyance but not that bad. I'll stick with the $7.99/month
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  9. JimLahey
    Lol Hulu get your **** together!
      Phantom Menace likes this.
  10. cameronraygun
    but what the heck i already pay for hulu so ill have to pay even more and get without ads? i dont i think i should have ads no matter what will paying for hulu
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