A massive update for Borderlands developer Gearbox's shooter Battleborn is coming today, adding a new character, economy changes, performance improvements, and a lot more. The Winter update starts its roll out at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. As outlined in a blog post, the file size is 13 GB on PlayStation 4, 18 GB on Xbox One, and 15 GB on PC, so this is a big one.

Starting with the performance enhancements, Gearbox says every map, mission, and mode for all platforms has been "touched-up to improve optimization." On PS4 Pro, the game can run at a number of different resolution/frame rate combinations, including 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps, or 4K/30fps. On Xbox One S, players will have the option to crank the visuals up to 1080p and up to 60fps.

"PC players do not have the same fps caps as console, but they will experience frame rate increases throughout Battleborn," Gearbox said. As for the new hero, Beatrix will be available in this update for some as part of an early access release; everyone else can play the character, Battleborn's 30th, starting on January 26. Here is a video that breaks down Beatrix's skills and abilities:

A new story mission, called Oscar Mike vs The Battle School," is also included with this update, while all 25 "core" Battleborn characters are being unlocked for everyone. Additionally, two new training modes, Incursion Tutorial and Dojo, are being added with this update, as is a Draft Mode that lets teams take turns choosing and banning characters. What's more, a daily quest system is coming, while the Command Rank level cap is being pushed to 150, with individual character rank caps going to 20.

As for the in-game economy changes, Gearbox says this has received an "overhaul."

"All loot pack variations will still drop in Story Mode missions, but only one type of loot pack will be available in the Marketplace: The Core Pack," the developer explained. "The Core Pack has better odds for higher rarity gear and has a chance to drop any skin or taunt previously available in Faction packs. Credits will now accumulate faster in public PVP matches, making it easier to grab more Core Packs from the Marketplace. You will also see a bigger variety of Boosts available for Platinum in the Marketplace."

Source: GameSpot