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HTC Vive VR Headset Shown in Dubai with Possible Release Date


With consoles and PC paving the way for all the latest and greatest games of the future, there is a new platform that has been emerging over the past couple of years or so. That platform being virtual reality headsets. Which have been presumed to be the next and most advanced generation of gaming, long before any of them were even in the smallest form of development. One of these new devices is being developed is the HTC Vive, which is being developed in unison by HTC and Valve.

Not much has been revealed about this new piece of technology since its worldwide reveal back in March of this year. However, the creators of the Vive have recently unveiled it at an event in Dubai, and also at an IGN Convention in Abu Dhabi. This has been part of a global tour to reveal the headset to those who live in the Middle East. Other than showing off the Vive in Dubai, this specific VR has been renowned by many to possibly be the best headset coming out, simply because it is capable of rendering two screens at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,080p. That alone is enough to snuff out competition, but it is also able to deliver a whopping 90 fps, which is much higher than any platform we currently have today.

Besides the company touring different countries to show off the Vive, it has recently been speculated that December 8th may be the official release date. This has come after HTC’s Project Commercialization Manager said that the Vive would “premiere” on December 8th. Now, this could simply mean that it is the date when TV commercials will roll out advertising the Vive, or it could just be the official reveal of the final product. Which could also serve as an opportunity for the creators to actually announce the true release date.

The HTC Vive is expected for a worldwide release sometime in early 2016. Although, the developers at HTC and Valve plan on making all of us wait patiently for it to hit the shelves.
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