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HTC Vive Available April 2016 and Oculus Pre-Orders Get a Raincheck


Uncontrollable hype followed by mass disappointment is something that VR fans are far too familiar with. Yesterday, the two major VR companies, Oculus and HTC, had some disappointing news yet again. Both companies were expected to at least have pre-orders by the end of 2015, but it appears this is not the case. HTC made an official statement on when the Vive will be available and Palmer Luckey gave Rift pre-orders a vague “raincheck”.

Those that have been anticipating the Vive knew that something was going to happen December 8th. Many fans hoped that it would be pre-orders opening or maybe even a limited release. Come December 8th, there was a VR event for bloggers but nothing came out of it. The radio silence of the event was finally broken when HTC made an official statement announcing dates for more developer kits and consumer kits. Unfortunately, both of these won’t be seen until 2016. The company has 7,000 units ready for developers at the beginning of the new year and they will have an official commercial launch in April.

A few hours before HTC’s statement, Palmer Luckey tweeted that Oculus pre-orders need a raincheck. This is obviously a very vague statement, but it makes it seem like we won’t be able to pre-order the Rift until 2016. Similar to the HTC announcement, this is very disappointing news to the community since many people expected pre-orders by the end of this year.

While all of this news may be a bit disappointing, it is actually a fairly good thing for VR. The numerous delays both headsets have seen likely means that the companies want to get it right. Oculus has always had a “do it right” attitude and it would only make sense if HTC had a similar outlook. This generation of headsets is also very crucial for the success of VR as whole, so it’s important these companies give consumers a good first impression of virtual reality.

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