How Video Games Have Helped Me

For years video games have been given a bad reputation, but are they truly bad for you? I'm sure they have some negative effects on us, but do...
  1. Kankuro

    When you see the words “psychological” and “video games” in the same sentence what do you think of? Most people would start to think adverse thoughts, especially if you aren’t a gamer yourself. Why is this? Well, just like the majority of negative insights in today’s time, this is due to the media and how it milks pessimistic topics dry. Personally, I think video games can have a positive and/or negative impact on a person’s psyche. The route in which you take depends on what you take in and how you perceive it.

    Video games have made a massive impact on my life, in many different aspects, most of which resulted in me bettering myself. For those of you who know anything about my personal life, you will know that I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic disorders. I’ve been fighting these mental disorders since 2009 and nothing has helped combat the struggles that I go through on a day to day basis, except video games. There have been multiple ways over the years that have helped me relieve the stress and anxiety during a panic attack, but none of these other methods have maintained such a promising result that video games have.

    A lot of people play video games as a way of entertainment, self accomplishment, or even an unhealthy addiction. While I also play games for such reasons, it’s also very therapeutic for me. When I start to have a panic attack, I can pick up a controller and within a few minutes be completely oblivious of the worries that were on my mind. Games such as Borderlands, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto V, and Guitar Hero are just a few that I’ve spent countless hours immersed in.

    Why do video games help me so much? Honestly, I can’t answer that. It could be because I thoroughly enjoy games, how I can relate to the story being told, or simply that I want to achieve that 100% for that game. Regardless of the actual reason, I can easily say that I am disgusted with the way that the media presents the effects games have on the human mind. All of the things I have mentioned are personal experiences, but I genuinely think video games can be a very positive influence on someone that is having a hard time. I know that some people can intake unfavorable thoughts from video games, however, I don’t think we should blame the game for that, instead, the person behind the controller.

    What do you think of video games and the effect they have on people? Do you have any personal experience of gaming that have helped you overcome some of life’s multiple challenges?

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  1. BigShotShine
    This is awesome! So cool that video games can do so much for you.

    A lot of the bad media is focused on kids and video games, which I believe can have negative effects on them depending on the game, and how much their parents focus on telling them that it's just a game. I think parents play a big role in teaching the difference between what is real and what is not especially in society. The age range might be a bit extreme, but understanding those concepts comes from a clear understanding of the real world and the video game world.

    I think video games have helped with stress the most. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing with my xbox one has helped me take a break from the real world, and live through some of the greatest stories.
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    1. Kankuro
      The age ratings on video games can make a big difference as well, they are there for a reason after all. For example, I don't think kids that are 10 years old should be playing games like GTA.

      Glad to hear that you've found some positive effects from gaming as well!
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  2. Shalour
    Nice article!

    Gaming has personally helped me deal with the stress of being in college and life in general. It helps me relax and have fun with my friends at the same time. I have been playing videogames for 15 years out of my 20 years of life and it has changed me in a hugely positive way.
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    1. Rukhmar
      I think video games let your mind be free and helps with creativity and also helps relieve stress.
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  3. Monopolyman
    I honestly have a hard time deciding exactly where I lie on this highly debated topic of video games and mental health. On one hand, I empathize with the position you're coming from because I've been there myself. I used to play a lot of video games and it was often a great way to de-stress. However, I believe there becomes a point when video games (and technology in general) can introduce an unhealthy level of escapism and isolation.
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    1. Kankuro
      My header image for this is the balance I think is best, it's actually from this site:

      I think it's all about managing the time you play, or even playing is small amounts a few times a day. I can see where you are coming from though.
  4. Harry
    Video Games aren't love. You need love. WWE Come and give him some love.

    Nice article though, you should be a writer... oh wait.
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  5. Flavour
    This behaviour sounds unhealthy to me, but I'm not a psychologist. Why would you want to be oblivious to your worries. Sure a panic attack can be distressful and uncomfortable, but after it's over, what happens? Are you not going to make an effort to reduce your stress and worries that cause anxiety? Also, this immersion in a new world seems like its an easy temporary escape from reality, and not a long-term solution.

    I'm not you and this problem is much more complicated than described. The writing piece above is diluted. Just putting in another perspective. I'd argue the contrary.
    1. Kankuro
      I didn't say that I'm using games as a "cure". It just helps me during the rough times. I have more going for me than just games, but that's too personal and I don't want to make that public.
  6. Jason
    Like Anime, Video games can be unhealthy after a certain point. Gaming has only ever helped me when I wanted to connect with people of a similar type (Weebs, gamers, etc.) I can't think of any other improvements to my life that video games have brought to the table besides the friends.
    On a side note, I must comment that your avatar doesn't fit the parameters of our site rules. As an Administrator, you should be leading as an example of following rules. I'm severely disappointed in you Kankuro.
    This is what Anime does to you ladies and gentlemen! I was there once too, I can help you.
    Great article, Kankuro!
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    1. Kankuro
      I got the Hulk seal of approval for my avatar. :tongue:

    2. BreakdowN
      Hmmm, that avatar it a little too riskaaaaay for me.
  7. BreakdowN
    I play for similar reasons aside from them being fun. I know gamers who play games and beat em, then kinda go do other stuff till something new comes out. It's definitely not as routine to some as it is others. Video games are an easy way to get your mind off the world around you and that's one reason it attracts to many with social disorders. It's easier to attach yourself to characters in games than in real life. Even be able to get online and play with anyone from anywhere is an experience in and of itself.

    If anything I feel the stigma of video games being bad is almost irrelevant these days. Scientists study the effects on violent videos and they believe it may inquire aggression, but not necessarily crime.. I rarely hear anyone blaming video games for anything these days, as you can simply use that logic for any and everything. Pretty sure video games weren't the reason people we're burning women alive at the stake for being a "witch"... People are just ****ing violent and if anything, video games can help people harness that rage..

    Definitely more to video games than most people think.
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    1. Kankuro
      At the most, I can see how games could give people some ideas for bad intentions. But ultimately, the decision to perform those acts aren't decided by games, instead the person. I just think it's kinda dumb to blame a game like GTA for causing somebody to shoot up a school or something.
    2. BreakdowN
      I mean, ya blame video games, where exactly does it end? Movies, books, TV, music.. People who are gonna go out and do that kinda **** are gonna go out and do it no matter what. What, the rest of the world is suppose to walk around on eggshells because we might trigger a trigger man? plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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