How Quantum Break Will Coincide With Its Upcoming TV Show Counterpart

Quantum Break, the time manipulating joyride causing a buzz in the Xbox One gaming community, will run side by side with its very own live action...
By God · Aug 6, 2015 · Updated Aug 6, 2015
  1. God

    Quantum Break, the time manipulating joyride causing a buzz in the Xbox One gaming community, will run side by side with its very own live action TV show. It has been known this was a possibility for a while, but with Xbox Entertainment Studios being shut down late October 2014, fans feared the rumored show would never come. Today the developers of Quantum Break, Remedy, finally broke the silence on the details of the upcoming show, who will be starring in it, and how the show will run alongside the game.

    The show has been confirmed to have quite a few Hollywood A-listers starring in it, including: Shawn Ashmore from X-Men, Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones and Lance Reddick from The Wire.

    During a majority of Quantum Break, you'll be playing as the protagonist Jack Joyce, battling Paul Serene who is a former friend that time traveled into the future and returned aged and not the person he used to be. Toward the end of each act you'll be forced to switch to the antagonist and make choices in what Creative Director Sam Lake is calling "junction moments."

    These "junction moments" will change the story with every choice you make, each junction moment has an alternate TV episode tied to it to unlock, removing all possibility of what would be linear gameplay. Every player will experience something different, and they will have to make different choices than the ones they made at previous junction moments to unlock episodes they missed.

    An example of this was shown in last year's Gamescom demo. At one point in the game, Serene needs to decide how to deal with an eye witness of a secret operation by his evil company called Monarch. In one version of the story, he tells his right-hand man to take a "hardline" approach, which leads to devastating consequences. In another, he tries to blackmail her into working with Monarch and manipulating the media. One of these choices can end up triggering a huge protest on a bridge leading to a battle between the hero and Monarch agents.

    You won't be able to watch all of the episodes back to back due to the nature of the game. The different choices mean that some episodes will be a bit longer than others, but each episode is roughly 22 minutes long. The TV Show ships with the game, and both rely on each other to tell the story. Depending on your actions, the show might not always play in chronological order. The multiple storylines means the game and the show will need your full undivided attention in order fully grasp all of the details.

    Quantum Break is coming to Xbox One in 2016.


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  1. Wavy
    So I need to play the game and watch the show to fully understand either? Hmm...
  2. Z61
    If anyone can pull this off it's these guys.
    1. Durva
      Watch it be a fail just like Defiance was
  3. Alex
    So the TV show episodes are glorified cutscenes?
    1. Vino
      That's what it is sounding like.
  4. (-_-)
    Hope it is better than defiance.
  5. Jet1337
    It can't be worse than Defiance.
  6. J Colez
    F*cking awesome
  7. Art
    Honestly might have to buy a Xbox one for this game.
    1. Art
      Nvm I take that back, just going to wait for it to come out on PC.
  8. Durva
    Geez another game running along side a show
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